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A Love Story Of Hate

A Love Story Of Hate


Update: 2023-02-10

Chapter 1 Prologue

  • It started because of my addiction but it turned into love making. Yes, I love making. the way we touch each other, the way we look at each other, the way we feel each other. It shows how much we are in love. it was my wish but it turned out to be a desire to become friends with each other. today we not only make love but also touch each other's souls. He claims me gently with love and respect. After a long love making he lay beside me and took her in his arms. We both were still lost in each other and after some time I slept peacefully in each of his arms. .
  • Next day I decided to confess my feelings to him but everything changed. I am madly in love with him, a while before I decided to confess what I fell for him… I love him so much that I can die for him. And you know what I am dying not for him.. but because of him. He is pointing his gun toward me.
  • At the centre of my forehead. I am in shock. Everything has changed a couple of times. The person with whom I wanted to spend my whole life, wants to kill me. I am speechless, I don't know what to say , I am staring at him with teary eyes asking him why he did this to me.. To which he replies.. "I HATE YOU" .
  • I don't know how to react. As soon as I respond a bullet strikes me. I fell on the ground whispering my last words "I LOVE YOU SID" . But wait.. This is not ending.. It's just the beginning of our story. A love story of hate.
  • He betrayed me when I loved him with all my heart and now I will give him immense pain till he himself begged to die.
  • One Year Ago
  • Ahana pov's
  • Hii myself Ahana , 24 years old, simple, sweet and innocent girl.. till date I got everything in my life .. God gave me what I wanted without asking... Well, when everything is right in life, that's also not right...
  • Right now, I am just looking for my life partner... I have lived a single life, now I want to come into a relationship. I am looking for some perfect one, which I have not found till date. Sometimes I wonder whether someone is compelled for me or not?
  • I was lost in my thoughts that's when my mom called my name I look at her who indicating me to touch the feet of elders ... oh sorry I forgot to mention I am in a family function, my cousin Zoya's baby shower ... to be honest, I just hate this family function, boring and irritating...
  • my eyes went on Zoya who was coming downstairs with her husband Sameer .. By looking at them, anyone can say that they are perfect for each other ... As soon as Zoya came down, a person came to her... I was facing his back .. Don't know why a strange desire arose, I wanted to see him...
  • And as soon as that person turned, my eyes stopped on his perfect body, handsome, good looking beard... Anyone looking at him can fall for him. Well, I think I become crazy for him. I was just starring him that's when his eyes went on me ... and stupid, I was still staring at him.. he quickly turned his face to the other side... I decided to went towards Zoya, its different thing he was also standing in the middle of the way. I am sure he must have felt that I was coming towards him. He was looking at me shockingly but when I crossed him his expression was worth watching.
  • I sat near Zoya and gave her a gift and then the two of us started talking to each other. In between I caught him staring at me but I acted like I didn't know anything.
  • after some time I looked at that person, he was not there... I looked for him in the whole hall but he was not there. my bad luck... I am angry at myself that I was so busy talking to Zoya that I didn't even see that he was gone ...
  • Sid Pov's
  • hi, myself Sid Sharma, an army officer. Today is my sister-in-law's baby shower.. she is like my sister only. I especially arranged everything for today's function. I was busy watching all the decorations when Zoya came down with her husband. I went towards her, both of us brothers made her sit in the centre and then the ceremony started. Both Sameer and Zoya's family were giving Blessing to their child...
  • I was seeing all this standing on the side. that's when I saw a girl who was constantly staring at me. I turned my eyes to the other side, but don't know why my eyes were back to that girl again and again ... I don't know what happened to her, she started coming towards me, I was startled but then she crossed me and went to Zoya.
  • "I felt she is coming towards me, it's good that she went to Zoya but then why I am feeling bed"
  • I was just looking at her, she smiling talking to Zoya, my heartbeat automatically increased oh god what she is doing with me. I start noticing every detail of her face, her smile, her eyes, her lips and the way they are moving when she talks. She looks back at me ... I quickly turned my face to the other side ... after that, I just went to my room to take care of my princess Aarzoo...
  • Time flies
  • Ahana Pov's
  • It has been one year since I last saw that person. I still used to think about him, especially his eyes. There is something magical in him. I can't even stop myself from thinking about him and now he is getting over my nerves. Whenever I get time for myself, I start to think about him like he is very important to me but he is not. Ohh God! why these feelings are so complicated.
  • Nowadays, I am living in a village, which is almost surrounded by a large green forest. I came here with my friends, for a small outing. But I just loved this place and people here are very good at heart. Don't know-how in a while, they have become like my family.
  • I just settled down over here, because of two reason- first, I don't have anyone in this world i lost my family members in a car accident and the second reason is that the people over here are like my family now, i love to stay here with all of them
  • I also visit my cousin's sister 's home for 2-3 months a week. Probably I am the one who keeps on coming from village to city and from city to village, now I remember every way that comes between village and city
  • In the village, I live here with an uncle and aunt, who consider me as their daughter and yes they are very sweet and for me also they are like my parents only.
  • Everything is perfect in my life. Everybody here in the village loves me But don't know why it looks like something is missing. There is a strange feeling like I do not have someone close to me. Whenever I think something is missing. Only then do I remember that man to whom I saw in a family function. Oh god! I am thinking about that person again ..
  • Sid Pov's
  • hi myself Sid Sharma. I have a one-year-old daughter. Her name is Aarzoo, well she is like my life after her. Please don't ask this after whom. I am at that stage where I just hate to talk about that girl but I am in love with that girl. My daughter lives mostly with my brother and her wife because of my job. I am an army officer, I have to go on any mission anytime. Due to this I lost so many childhood moments of my daughter But whenever I come back from the mission and see my daughter, I get a strange relief.
  • Right now My daughter is sleeping near me and I was just watching her. She looks like my wife, her eyes, her lips, everything is like my wife and yes my daughter is the only reason why I am still alive in this selfish world. I was busy dressing up the look of my wife and daughter when I got a message from my colleague whose I had been waiting for since long for my next mission. he sends me a photo of a girl and when I saw that picture I was shocked she is the same girl whom i saw in the family function but after a while, a big evil smile appears on my face.
  • I zoomed that pic more and more. I just noticed each detail of that girl's face, her smile, her eyes, everything in her face. I was just looking at that girl's photo. She has become more beautiful than before. Now the real game will begin. I wonder what will happen when we are in front of each other. I got another message " I got every detail of her, she is your family member, cousin sister of your brother's wife"
  • well I saw her in the function and to be honest but wait! this chapter is not ending over here, he sends me another msg which almost shook me all over.