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Chapter 3 He Kissed Me

  • He Kissed Me
  • Ahana pov
  • As soon as Sid went away, I looked at my sister and asked: "who is he". She looks at her husband. I don't know why it feels like I need to know who he is? Why is he affecting me so much? I was lost in my questions but one thing I am sure I am in love with this man.
  • I came out of my thoughts when Sameer said: " he is my brother, Sid".
  • "Sid"... I kept recalling his name again and again in my mind
  • Time Flies
  • I was seated in the hall with Sameer and Zoya but my mind was absent. I was just thinking about Sid. Why did he look at me like that? there is something in his eyes like he hates me but why would he? I came out of my thoughts, that's when my sister held my hand. I looked at her.
  • "where are you lost? Hmm… What are you thinking?". She asked me...
  • "I am thinking about Sid". I replied honestly, I don't know why she suddenly became happy. She looks at Sameer, Who was probably telling her to be calm. Zoya just nods and then looks at me " Why are you thinking about him?" she asked me.
  • "who is he?" I made another question to her instead of answering.
  • "He is my brother in law and my late sister's husband too". Before I could ask anything else Sameer changed the topic "you should take rest after a long journey." I know he is just changing the topic but why? I was about to ask him, but a baby girl held my tippet. I looked towards her. There was a big smile on my face after seeing her, I picked her in my lap.
  • "She is so cute, who is she?" I asked looking at Zoya. "Her name is Aarzoo, Sid Bhai daughter." She replied.
  • I looked towards Aarzoo and said "Hello Aarzoo". She starts laughing. Everyone was smiling at seeing her smile, her smile was so beautiful. She kisses my cheeks with love.
  • Time Flies
  • I have been playing with Aarzoo ever since. In the middle, Zoya comes to feed Aarzoo but I tell her I will do that. The feeling of feeding Aarzoo, with my hands, is something magical. I can't even express it. Only I know how much I am enjoying her company. After some time she fell asleep after a meal. I was blowing a blanket from her. When I saw the camera in Aarzoo's room. I stood in front of that camera and started teasing with my tongue out, devilish me. I am sure that whoever man will be on the other side of the camera, he must be laughing at me, Who cares. I went to Aarzoo and sat on the bed near her. Don't know why I was relaxed to see her peacefully sleeping.
  • Sid pov
  • I was watching Ahana when her eyes went on the camera. Don't know what happened to her. Suddenly she started teasing me with her tongue out. I laughed out loudly looking at her. I am sure she doesn't know I am on the other side of the camera. Zoya used to share about her childhood and whenever she used to tell about Aarzoo, I couldn't stop my smile. She is the same as Zoya told me. crazy girl. I took my mobile and headed towards home.
  • As soon as I got back home, I went to my princess room first, to check whether she was sleeping properly or not. When I opened the door, I found Ahana sleeping with my baby girl. A big smile stuck to my face. Ahana and Aarzoo both hugged each other while they were sleeping. They both are looking damn cute. I slowly closed the door and went to both of them. I also don't know why but I felt like this moment was special for me. I just wanted to stop time but I know this is impossible. I came to Ahana's bedside and sat down. I was watching her sleeping. After 1 year, I got a chance to watch her closely. to be honest yup I felt something for her. except for my wife, she is the only one who has attracted me so much.
  • I can't even think about what happened after that, she turned and slapped me hard on my cheeks while sleeping. ok, she has a habit of doing karate in sleep, but who slaps in this way? and how could she slap me?
  • I don't know what happened to me. I came close to her face. So close that I can feel her breaths on my face. But sadly she opened her eyes, probably because of my closeness her sleep was broken. She was completely nervous after finding me so close to her. She was just watching me. Maybe it seemed to her that this was a dream.
  • "You are not dreaming," I said softly in her ear. She nervously holds my shirt with her hands. To be honest I am enjoying her nervousness.
  • "You know when you were sleeping, you slapped me?" I asked which she nodded in no. Ohh, God! This girl will drive me crazy.
  • Ahana pov
  • Sid was very close to me when I opened my eyes. I was nervous but not afraid. It feels like I am at the safest place in the whole world. At first, I thought I was dreaming but then he answered my unsought question by saying softly "you are not dreaming" in my ear. I became more nervous about his actions. I hold his shirts with both of my hands. His proximity made me lose my mind.
  • "You know when you were sleeping, you slapped me?" He asked me which I nodded in no. Of course, how would I know, I was sleeping. Sid's closeness was making me crazy. After a while, I calmed myself so that I could say sorry to him.
  • "I am sorry. I have PLMD disease due to which…" Before I could finish my talk, he attached his lips with mine and then started kissing me. My eyes widened because of his sudden action.
  • After a short kiss, he slightly moved back and then he said softly in my ear "This kiss is your punishment for slapping me."
  • I couldn't understand what I should say. I was just trying to convince myself whatever happened was real.
  • Sid left the room before I could say anything. I am still trying to recall what happened just a couple of minutes ago.