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Chapter 4 I Hate Her/Him

  • Ahana Pov
  • "How dare he kiss me?", I went after him and saw him entering a room. I also went to the room behind him but to my bad luck, he removed his shirt while entering the room. He was shirtless in front of me. I am facing his back. To be honest, I love the view of what my eyes saw, his perfectly maintained body. I am sure he has 6 or 8 pack abs. I came here to rebuke him. On the contrary, I am staring at him.
  • "If you continuously stare at me like this then I guarantee you at the end, you will fall in love with me," he said. But how he came to know that I am staring at him.
  • "I am not staring at you", I lied confidently. So that he doesn't come to know that I am watching him. I agree I have a crush on him but it's not vital to tell him. Right?
  • He turned towards me and said "Liar". He gave me his mocking smile. I wish I could punch him on his handsome face. Well, my guess was right, he has 8 pack abs. His handsome face, smart look, perfect jawline, everything of his, enough to make any girl crazy for him.
  • "I saw you in the mirror, you were staring at me," he said while coming closer to me. He put his one hand on my waist pulling me towards him, with the other hand he closed the door. Only I know how fast my heartbeat is going at this time.
  • "Now will you keep looking at me like this or you will say something too?" He asked softly, coming close to my ear. I started feeling butterflies in my stomach. My voice was not coming out, then it was far from answering him. His closeness was driving me crazy. I could feel his breath on my neck on which I felt my legs being jelly. I am sure if he hadn't held me, I would have fallen.
  • Don't know why I liked his proximity. He had a different emotion in his eyes, I don't know, probably love or something else. I was feeling a bit different from his touch or I should say I was loving the way he is getting closer to me. I know it's wrong, but I am not able to resist myself from getting attracted to him.
  • Sid Pov's
  • When she came to my room behind me, I saw her in the mirror. She was staring at me constantly. Honestly, I was also staring at her through the mirror. The way she looked at me made my junior go crazy. When I pulled her towards me, I can say with confidence that her heartbeat must have become faster. Seeing my impact on her so much, a big smile came on my face.
  • She was just watching me. If everything was good, if she is not involved with a terrorist group then I would end up doing everything with her. But now there is nothing like before. She was just watching me. Suddenly I removed her from myself, she was about to fall on the ground but she managed herself. She didn't even think that I would distance myself from her like this. Soon her reaction turned into anger. Both of us looked into each other's eyes.
  • "Why did you come here?", I asked. She came closer to me.
  • " Who are you?", she asked. I looked at her confusingly. Seeing her it was known that she is mad at me and believes me her angry look makes me and my junior fall in love with her more.
  • "What do you think of yourself? Who are you to kiss me? And how dare you kiss me?" She asked me, on which I smirked.
  • "Don't talk about dare, you can't even think how much courage I have and I told you the reason behind the kiss me, but for you, I will repeat" she looked at me more angrily.
  • "You slapped me and in return, I kissed you," I said. Her anger was further increased. If everything had happened according to her, by now she would have killed me.
  • "Well, tell me one thing, do you feel bad that I kissed you or do you feel bad because I drove you away from myself?" I teased her. I love her expressions when she gets irritated. What was it then, she slapped me hard on my cheeks. That hard, my whole jaw was shaken.
  • "This slap will remind you that you should stay within your limits," she said angrily and left the room. I'm not angry with her and why would I be. She is right and I was wrong according to her, she doesn't know that I deliberately kissed her. I just wanted to bother her and I did.
  • "I am sure she will not able to sleep now, at least not tonight." I thought about it and went to take a cold shower which I needed the most. This girl drives me crazy. Even while taking a shower whatever happened a while back, everything was going on in my mind.
  • After bathing, I came to my room and then took out the beer bottle from the side drawer and started drinking. I was just thinking about her.
  • "I will make your life hell Ahana. I hate you. I hate all those people who are against my country. " I said while closing my eyes for an amazing sleep.
  • Ahana pov
  • Leaving Sid's room, I returned to Aarzoo's room. I am angry with him and his actions. First, he pulled me close to him and then suddenly pushed me away. I hate him. I sat near Aarzoo on the bed. I was just thinking about what happened a while before. I remember Sid asking "Well, tell me one thing, do you feel bad about I kissed you or you feel bad because I drove you away from myself?".
  • That question had put me in a dilemma, why was I angry that Sid had kissed me or because he pushed me away from him. I lay down on the bed but sleep was far away from my eyes. His question made me restless. And the bigger question than this was in my mind: why does he affect me so much? I am not able to forget how he kissed me and afterwards pulled me close to him, his breath, his proximity, his touch, everything was making me crazy.
  • The night had come to an end but I still couldn't sleep and it's all because of him.
  • I don't know whether I know him or not, but I know that now I have started getting irritated with him. No, not irritated, I hate him
  • My sight went outside of the window. It was already morning. My whole night was ruined by thinking about Sid. Now I am angrier at myself than him. Why am I giving him so much importance ? Who doesn't even deserve attention.
  • "He kissed you and in return, you slapped him. Now stop thinking about him Ahana" I scolded myself.
  • My eyes went to Aarzoo, who almost got up. On seeing her a big smile came on my face.
  • But then my senses were blown away by hearing what she said. Both of this daddy and daughter make me insane one day.