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Chapter 5 Are You Okay?

  • Ahana Pov
  • My eyes went on Aarzoo, who almost got up. On seeing her, a big smile came on my face. But then my senses were blown away by hearing what she said. Both of these, daddy and daughter will drive me crazy. She said to me "Mumma" seriously. I am already insane towards his father and now if she calls me Mumma then what will happen to me?
  • "Mumma", Aarzoo again called me but this time a big smile came on my face. Yes at first, I was shocked but now I am loving it when she calls me Mumma.
  • It was a strange feeling when she called me " Mumma" again. A feeling that can't be expressed in words even if I want to. Aarzoo crawled on the bed and came to me and lay down, she put her small hand on my cheeks and kissed me on my nose. At that time my smile was not ready to leave my face. I kissed Aarzoo on her forehead. She was just smiling. Don't know what happened to her. She hugged me and slept again. I also took her in my arms and hugged her and then closed my eyes, and finally, the darkness consumed me.
  • Sid Pov
  • I woke up early in the morning. Just like every day, my first thought was Aarzoo. I took my mobile from the bedside and connected to the camera of Aarzoo's room. Ok I know it's wrong to spy someone but she is my enemy, I should know about her. Right.
  • As soon as I turned on the camera, I noticed my princess who was calling "Mumma" to Ahana . For a few seconds, I was too shocked like Ahana but then a big smile came on my face. She looked so cute when she said, Mumma. Ahana and Aarzoo both fall asleep hugging each other. I took the screenshot of that moment from that beloved on my mobile.
  • My enemy is sleeping with the last love of my life. I still remember when I first saw Ahana, my enemy, at that time I felt something for her but after knowing her truth I hate her. Well, I also remember that moment when I took Aarzoo in my arms for the first time, Last love of my life.
  • I am an orphan. Sameer bhaiya found me at the temple's stairs, thanks to Bhaiya's Grandma, she accepted me. When I grew up, I started to bear my expenses on my own. How long would I be a burden on someone and then after some years, due to my job, I had to shift to a different house, then Grandma died and Sameer bhaiya started living with his wife. I was also happy with my wife in my second house. I was happy. For me, my wife was my family, my love, my world or say, she is my everything.
  • Everything was perfect but nothing is always perfect in life. Suddenly, everything has changed. Everything. That time, it seemed like I should die. Everything was finished. For me, All reasons for living were over but then Dr. gave my daughter in my arms. I was reactionless but then a big smile came on my face with tears in my eyes. A new member had come into my small family, my princess. I still remember that moment when she grabbed my finger with her small hand. I can't even express that feeling in words even if I want to. Everything was fine but nothing was good.
  • My daughter despite being her father lives with someone else. Zoya and Sameer Bhai helped me to raise my daughter or else I don't know how I would give my daughter a mother's love. Because of my wife, one lie. I lost my first love, my wife. she is suffering from blood clot still she hid her pregnancy news and at last because of complications I lost her. My wife left us alone.
  • Time Flies
  • I was feeding Aarzoo only then when my gaze went to Ahana, who was yawning while exiting the room. After getting up from sleep, her scattered hair and innocent face I loved. I wish I could give her a morning kiss like before she used to give my wife. Hold on, what I am thinking. She made me insane. I was just looking at Ahana, that's when Aarzoo grabbed my hand. I looked at her, she was also yawning just like Ahana. A big smile came on my face.
  • I started feeding Aarzoo again, my eyes were on Ahana too. I noticed she was having breakfast with one of hand on her head. It was aware by looking at her face, she is not well.
  • "Are you ok?" I asked her but instead of answering she was looking at me angrily. She looked at Zoya, who asked me the same question that I asked: "Are you ok?"
  • "Yes, I'm fine. Don't worry, it's just a mild headache." Ahana was responding to her happily. She starts talking with everyone while smiling.
  • I was still wondering what was the difference between my question and Zoya's question and if there is no difference then why she looked at me angrily. I looked at Aarzoo's side who was looking at me angrily. "These two are looking at me like I am prey and they are predators. No one dares to look at me like that" I thought.
  • I broke the mouthful size of roti for Aarzoo and dipped it in the dal and moved it towards her, but the anger remains on the nose of my daughter just like her mother. She turned her face to the other side. "I am sorry, now I will feed you properly. Please don't be angry like this at your father." I kissed lovingly on her cheeks. She immediately agreed.
  • My eyes went back to Ahana who was watching me angrily. Why? I don't know that but even on this act, my heart falls for her again. There was a smile on my face. I saw that the smile on my face was more annoying to her.
  • Ahana Pov
  • Look, how this idiot is looking at me. I am so angry that I can make his blood go, but I have no interest in going to jail. Throughout the night, I could not sleep because of him and above hat, he is acting as if nothing had happened at night.
  • Yes, it's a different matter that I myself decided before coming to the dining area that I would react as if nothing had happened yesterday. But I had taken the decision so why is he reacting like this?
  • Aah... This headache (looking at Sid) I could not sleep overnight due to the thoughts of this donkey and looking at him he was asking me "Are you ok?” I mean seriously, by disturbing someone's sleep, by disturbing the system of one's brain in such a way that all the time, just think about you, after that how can someone ask that " Are you ok?". Donkey, owl, monkey, duffer he is all this.
  • Well, he looks so cute while smiling... I wish I could kiss him on his dimples and eat his poor cheeks.
  • Hold on, what I am thinking. This crazy man will drive me crazy. More than Sid I am mad at myself. Instead of getting angry, I don't know why I am loving him unabashedly.
  • "Ahana, why are you not having your breakfast?" Sid asked me. Wait! He is not asking me, he is teasing me. This man, God just forgive me one blood, please.
  • "Wait! What happened I cannot kill him, there are other ways too, to take revenge", I thought. An evil smile came on my face.