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Chapter 94

  • Mili felt like she was hypnotized, she was listening to Daniel’s each and every words, he continued, “Baby, I saw that picture in your home believe me, I never touched Miranda”
  • Mili tried to push him saying, “I don’t believe you”, but Daniel held her wrist and pinned her to the wall and said seeing straight in her eyes, “I know, it’s hard to believe but this is true, I never liked Miranda because she was clingy, vicious”
  • He touched his forehead with Mili’s forehead and continued, “Baby, before I met you I never had any relationship, I only fucked girls and moved on, and the girls I chose were never the clingy one”
  • “It was like we were fuck buddies nothing more, but for Miranda I always felt that she had ulterior motives so I never laid hands on her, in fact I always felt filthy because of her pretentious behaviour”
  • “Baby I had never planned to get married to anyone before I met you, please believe me”
  • Mili calmed down a little bit when she heard Daniel’s justification, but she was so tired and her legs were giving up, before she could fall Daniel sat on the floor holding her in his lap.
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