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Will Make You Mine

Will Make You Mine


Update: 2021-09-28

Chapter 1

  • Twenty four years passed in the blink of any eyes; today, Alexa is coming back from London. She went there two years ago for her higher studies.
  • At first, Alex was not ready to let her go, but after long perusal and Alice's help, he agreed with conditions like she must have her bodyguards with her all the time, she should not be out of the house at late nights, and many more.
  • Alex was dying to see his lovely daughter; he was pacing back and forth and asked the butler, "Are all the arrangements done?"
  • Alice came from upstairs and said, "Tony, she is your daughter; why are you so worried?"
  • He held her hand and said, "Baby, you know I missed her so much in these two years. I want everything to be perfect, and I am telling you in advance that now she is not allowed to leave the house for so long."
  • Alice smiled, seeing her husband, who used to be cold and aloof, but look at him now; he behaves childishly when it comes to his daughter.
  • He remembered all of a sudden and shouted, "Where are your two idiot sons? Don't they know my princess is coming today? Why are they not here till now?"
  • Alice knows when it comes to his daughter, he will not settle for anything less, no adjustments.
  • Although all three kids are triplets and born in a difference of minutes, Alex and both Lucas and Daniel treat Alexa as if she is many years younger than them. She is the heartbeat of all three men of the family.
  • Soon the doorbell rang, and Lucas entered with his wife Catherine, they were in love from their college days, and after graduation, they both decided to tie the knot. Although Catherine was not from a very well-known family, but Alex and Alice never had any problem with that.
  • For them, the happiness of their kids was the first priority.
  • Lucas took over the business, but he looks more about the outstation work because Alex could not live without Alice even for one day.
  • So he stopped going on business trips long back, and Lucas was interested in business, so he started working with his Dad from an early age.
  • Lucas and Daniel had inherited Alex's personality; they were good looking handsome boys; any girl can fall for them in one look.
  • Following them entered Daniel; he didn't have an interest in the business. He wanted to make a career in bike racing; now, he is the number one bike racer in the world.
  • He inherited a few of his father's habits like being a playboy; he never believed in love; he was the biggest enemy Alex had.
  • Daniel is very close to Alice, and this is the thing Alex doesn't like about him; from the time he was born, he always takes away Alice from him.
  • Daniel entered the living room and hugged Alice and said, "Mom, aren't you tired of this old man till now?"
  • Alex was so angry, he said in a pissed tone, "who is old here? I can still make babies with my wife, and you stay away from my wife".
  • Alice nodded her head; this is a very familiar scene when Alex and Daniel are under one roof. 
  • Daniel was not ready to give up and said in a mocking tone, "Mom, you are so beautiful, how can you fall in love with this old man, I really feel that it's true when people say Love is blind".
  • Alex was fuming in anger by now, but suddenly a car sound; he forgot everything when he saw his princess standing on the door.
  • He rushed towards her and hugged her tightly and said, "Oh! My baby girl, your Dadda, missed you so much."
  • Alexa smiled slightly and hugged her; Daniel again came and said, "Old man, we also missed our sister, can you let her go. I want to hug my little Bunny" Daniel never calls Alexa with her real name; he had given her the name Bunny and called that only.
  • But Alexa didn't hug Daniel, instead, she ran towards Alice and hugged her tightly and said, "Mumma, I missed you so much."
  • Alice smiled, patting her back and said, "We too missed you so much, sweetheart, now our family is complete."
  • Lucas finally opened his mouth and said, smiling, "Princess, I am still waiting for your hug" Alexa left Alice's embrace and hugged Lucas.
  • Lucas is a very silent kind of person, he is a man of few words, but no one can beat him when it comes to business. He hugged her and kissed her forehead before letting her go.
  • Catherine was standing there silently, she forced a smile to Alexa and said, "Welcome home, Alexa."
  • Daniel said, "Bunny, this is not fair, you can't avoid me."
  • She smiled and hugged Daniel. He also smiled and said, "Bunny, now go and get some rest, we have a small get together in the evening as you welcome party."
  • Alexa pouted and said, "Brother, I came just now, I want to spend some time with you all."
  • Daniel smiled lovingly and said, caressing  her head, "Bunny, we will go for a night out after the party, so rest for now."
  • Hearing Daniel, Alex growled, "No, she just came, and she needs rest." Everyone present at the moment knew that Alex didn't want Alexa to go out of the house at night; he worries about her safety.
  • Daniel said in a mocking tone, "Old man, you have my beautiful Mom, why don't you hug her and sleep, and leave this matter to youngsters."
  • Alex was about to say something in reply, but Alice interrupted this never-ending war and said, "Can we all have lunch now?"
  • Alex held Alexa's hand and dragged her to the dining room; everyone was smiling, seeing Alex behaving like this.
  • Alex made his daughter sit on one side and his lovely wife on the other side.