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Chapter 97 Having the Time of Their Lives

  • Jiang Mucheng pursed her lips, not replying, only taking out her keys to open the office door and entered.
  • Only after Jiang Mucheng had gone in for some time, did Huo Ciyi get up to enter the office.
  • "I'm a respiratory doctor and not as good with other illnesses. Don't blame me if I misdiagnose," reminded Jiang Mucheng as she sat down in her seat.
  • The instant she peered up, she discovered Huo Ciyi's face was abnormally red.
  • "You..." Jiang Mucheng hastily reined in her surprise, then put on her professionalism and got Huo Ciyi to give her his hand.
  • Despite her lack of expertise in Chinese medicine, learning to take pulses was a compulsory course for medical students.
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