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Chapter 93 The Same Lipstick Shade

  • Paying no heed to etiquette, Jiang Mucheng made it clear she did not care about Fang Zhian, then left the bathroom.
  • Shortly after Jiang Mucheng arrived at the meeting room, Fang Zhian followed from behind. By now, there were no other seats in the meeting room, so Huo Ciyi sent someone to get her an extra chair.
  • Deliberately placing her in between him and Jiang Mucheng.
  • Jiang Mucheng have no opinion, only helpfully moving towards the side
  • Huo Ciyi did not especially introduce Fang Zhian but went on with the meeting. Huo Ciyi proceeded to pull the meeting back on track, thanks to everyone's eagerness, the meeting went about rather smoothly. By noon, they were done assigning most of the tasks,
  • "Okay, let's break for lunch. That's the end of today's meeting. Get started this afternoon."
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