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Chapter 9 Come Anytime, I'll Be There

  • When Huo Yuchuan saw Jiang Mucheng, he raised his hand and glanced at the time on his watch.
  • Even if it wasn't a deliberate move, Jiang Mucheng could guess what it meant... It was almost midnight, which meant that Huo Yuchuan had waited for her for a very long time.
  • If that's the case, then it was more reason for her not to avoid him.
  • But first, she should put on a relaxed smile and pretend as if she didn't understand what that gesture meant. "Were you waiting for me? I thought that you had already left. If I knew you were waiting for me, I'd have left earlier," she asked.
  • If she knew that he was waiting for her, then she would have slept in the lab.
  • Huo Yuchuan smiled with his eyes. "Get in the car," he said, as he naturally took off his jacket and wrapped it around Jiang Mucheng.
  • Jiang Mucheng touched the jacket, but she felt that it would be wrong to give it back to him and a little unnatural to have it over her. Regardless, she followed Huo Yuchuan into the car.
  • "So, did you you publish that paper a while back and created all that buzz, just to get my brother's attention?"
  • Huo Yuchuang waited for Jiang Mucheng to get comfortable in her seat before he hit the accelerator and sped off.
  • Huo Yuchuan's tone of voice was no much better than the wild sounds of the roaring car.
  • "It was purely published for scientific research purposes," she explained.
  • "Then why did my brother come? When will you guys get a divorce?"
  • Jiang Mucheng opened the car window and a cold breeze instantly blew in. As she heard what Huo Yuchuan said, she pretended to calmly open a bottle of water.
  • She didn't reply, so Huo Yuchuang drove even faster.
  • All of a sudden, he hit the brakes and water from the entire bottle almost splashed out.
  • "We can't get a divorce," Jiang Mucheng replied with furrowed brows.
  • "Have you not seen the woman beside my brother?"
  • Huo Yuchuan suddenly turned his face and looked at Jiang Mucheng as if he was interrogating her. "Even if you ignore how he brought a woman to show off, what about all the rumours?"
  • "I don't follow gossip news. I don't watch anything. Besides taking care of my bacteriophage, I don't care about anything else. You know that."
  • Jiang Mucheng slightly glanced at Huo Yuchuang, then quickly looked away.
  • Huo Yuchuan scoffed, but eventually let out three words. "Get a divorce."
  • With that said, he started the car up again. Jiang Mucheng bit her lip and silently looked at the dark night sky.
  • It wasn't like Huo Yuchuan didn't understand the reason why she couldn't get a divorce.
  • With her current situation, she couldn't tell Huo Yuchuan.
  • Even if Huo Ciyi agreed to go ahead and get divorced, she met a new man dated, got married again, that man could be stranger A, stranger B, or stranger C but it could never be Huo Yuchuan.
  • Just then, Huo Yuchuan stopped the car near Jiang Mucheng's house, turned his body and looked at Jiang Mucheng seriously.
  • Jiang Mucheng remained completely silent. She just opened the car door and walked down the alley.
  • As Huo Yuchuan looked at Jiang Mucheng's back, he hesitated for a moment, but eventually opened the car door and called out to her.
  • "Whenever you want to come over, I'll be there."
  • Jiang Mucheng heard this but didn't look back.
  • She didn't tell Huo Yuchuan her real address. She only gave him the name of the area. She walked around the alley, then towards a main road and turned into a small alley before reaching her house.
  • Throughout that journey, Jiang Mucheng was distracted and bothered by what Huo Yuchuan said about being there for her at any given time.
  • After reaching the front door of her house with much difficulty, she finally relaxed when suddenly, she received a text.
  • The text read: "Mum and dad will be back in the country tomorrow. You know what that means. Come back to the house on Jiangchun Road tomorrow morning."
  • Jiang Mucheng read those few words with furrowed brows, and instinctively replied with two simple words: "Got it."