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Chapter 89 Let That Man Put His Hands All Over You

  • "Let's go," Huo Ciyi stopped looking, then said coolly, as though utterly nonchalant before bringing Fang Zhian right up to the VIP seats upstairs, and this was the best spot to see the bar.
  • From the corner of his eyes, Huo Ciyi glanced at the bar from time to time. He could see Jiang Mucheng tilted her head back to drink wine, and it made him uncomfortable.
  • When did this woman start drinking at bars?
  • It seems she has been living it up ever since their divorce.
  • "Hey, isn't that foreigner Dr. Lei Xiao?"
  • Caught by surprise, Fang Zhian said, "I've heard of him while I was overseas. He has a complicated personal life and has many sexual partners at the same time. He's a real lady-killer, and several of my colleagues have slept with him before," the subject of Fang Zhian's conversation left Huo Ciyi looking even more grave as he gazed indifferently at the bar, where Jiang Mucheng was at and still drinking nonstop.
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