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Chapter 77 Without Any Distance There Was No Way to Become Close

  • The first thing that caught Jiang Mucheng's attention entering the room, was an eye-catching family photograph.
  • The woman was carrying a little boy in her arms, looking around 3-years old, with his father sitting next to him, a person that Jiang Mucheng oh-so familiar with – it was Mr Huo.
  • Jiang Mucheng scrutinized the little boy more carefully, despite his young age, it was clear from his features that it was Huo Yuchuan.
  • It appeared this house might be Huo Yuchuan's mother's place.
  • Huo Yuchuan's mother was an unmentionable taboo subject, which outsiders had no inkling of, as everyone believed Huo Yuchuan was truly the second son of the Huos.
  • Since a picture of Huo Yuchuan's mother still hung here, it was evident that this house did not belong to the Huos and probably the private property of Huo Yuchuan's mother.
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