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Chapter 72 Truly Lived up to Being Huo Ciyi's Biological Son!

  • After everything was settled, first thing in the morning the next day, Jiang Mucheng went to A City with Huo Ciyi.
  • Initially, she and Qin Ling were helping with the project, when the problems arose with the experiment, they only asked for Jiang Mucheng and Qin Ling to be taken off them but did not reprimand them.
  • Since Jiang Mucheng had no reason to stay on, she decided to leave after wrapping things up.
  • Because Qin Ling personally sent her by yacht and car, the return trip was short, and Jiang Mucheng arrived downstairs at her apartment in no time.
  • After Qin Ling parked the car, Jiang Mucheng undid her seat belt, "Thanks," she said moderately, but similarly did not invite Qin Ling up to her apartment.
  • Qin Ling did not force his way, instead said, "You're welcome," then watched her go upstairs.
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