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Chapter 61 The More the Indulgence, the Greater the Charade

  • Inside, for some reason, Fang Zhian did not reply, but left it to Madam Huo to go on speaking, "Miss Fang, we both know very well why you're back."
  • "Let's speak openly. I'm sure you know that, based on your situation, you're not in the position to have any ideas."
  • "I suggest now that your operation is over, you should focus your energies on finding someone and marrying yourself off. I'm sure you know it's impossible between you and Ciyi," said Madam Huo so aggressively, that merely by listening to her, Jiang Mucheng could detect Fang Zhian's awkwardness.
  • "These lilies are for you. I hope Miss Fang will recover soon. Since this isn't the best hospital, let me make arrangements for you."
  • Madam Huo named her conditions clearly to prevent Fang Zhian from staying close to Huo Ciyi.
  • Jiang Mucheng was awestruck. It was no wonder that Madam Huo was the beacon that all rich men's wives followed. This attitude alone was enough to prove she must have been ruthless when she was young.
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