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Chapter 55 Just How Cold-hearted Was That Man?

  • After Jiang Mucheng stepped out from Liang Keke's room, she worked in the lab for as long as the early evening before she headed back to the hospital.
  • In the end, just when she stepped into the unit, she saw a nurse run hurriedly in.
  • "Dr. Jiang! Bad news! Liang Keke ran into Miss. Fang's room and the two started fighting. You should quickly go take a look. Who knows who told her that Miss. Fang was staying in the hospital, but Liang Keke ran in."
  • At the time, Jiang Mucheng didn't clock who that was and asked, "Miss. Fang? Which Miss. Fang?"
  • "Fang Zhian!"
  • This made Jiang Mucheng furrow her brows. Without a second thought, she rushed off in a hurry!
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