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Chapter 52 You Don't Need to Go Ruining Relationships Anymore

  • Jiang Mucheng noticed that Huo Ciyi's eyes had become evidently more gentle by what Fang Zhian said.
  • As everybody started to remember their younger years, Jiang Mucheng had completely become an outsider there. She felt especially outcasted from people at the table.
  • After dinner, Jiang Mucheng immediately escaped the dining table with the excuse of going to the toilet.
  • She strolled into the courtyard and walked towards the swimming pool. Jiang Mucheng looked at the blue ripples and felt a wave of bitterness in her heart.
  • She took off her shoes and sat by the pool, kicking her feet. That's right, the pool water was warm. This place was certainly quite healing.
  • "Dr. Jiang, Qin Xi isn't someone who usually knows what to say. Don't take it to heart."
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