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Chapter 50 See a New Me

  • "Come, I'll take you somewhere to put some medicine on that."
  • As he said this, Huo Yuchuan forcefully picked her up. Huo Yuchuan's always been someone who just did as he pleased.
  • Jiang Mucheng thought that it would be a waste of time to fight him.
  • At first, she thought that his car was nearby and that he just wanted to drive her to the nearest hospital or pharmacy. But then, Jiang Mucheng realised that there was a hotel behind her the moment that she was lifted off her feet.
  • Her body immediately tensed up. "There's no need to book a room to get some rest. I can put medicine on it when I get back to the hospital," She said immediately.
  • She couldn't run with her leg like this but who knew what that lunatic was going to do next.
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