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Chapter 49 Let Go of Me

  • After she stepped out of the front doors of the research facility, she wanted to call a taxi and quickly head back to the hospital. However, Qin Ling stopped her. "It's lunchtime now, I wonder if you will give me the pleasure of treating you to lunch?"
  • He said deliberately playfully.
  • At first, she wanted to wave her hand and decline.
  • But when she saw that Huo Ciyi had also stepped out of the research facility, her attention couldn't help it be drawn to him. In the moment, she didn't give Qin Ling an answer.
  • Seeing that she was silent, Qin Ling immediately and enthusiastically added, "You were busy the last few times that I asked but today, you must show me some face. We may as well discuss the investment over lunch."
  • Jiang Mucheng didn't listen to what Qin Ling said, as her full attention was on his chilling glare directed at her.
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