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Chapter 47 Has He Not Come Home All Night?

  • Jiang Mucheng took sighed in relief when she saw the two of them. She had no idea where the two of them managed to find masks.
  • She rushed to the children's side. Before Huo Ciyi noticed them, she immediately covered their eyes, turned them around and led them away.
  • "Sorry," she apologised to the children on the inside. She couldn't let them see Huo Ciyi. Jiang Erer was very simple-minded. If she saw a man who looked like her older brother, she would be confused.
  • "Sorry! I promised my colleague that I'd quickly take her children home, so I have to go now."
  • From Fang Zhian and Huo Ciyi's perspective, Jiang Mucheng ran brashly away.
  • However, Huo Ciyi's gaze was fixated on the two children next to Jiang Mucheng. Why did he feel strange the moment he saw those two children?
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