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Chapter 44 Ciyi Likes to Play Rough

  • Jiang Mucheng saw the giddy look on Liang Keke's face and couldn't help but glance at the expression on Huo Ciyi's face.
  • Huo Ciyi's face was completely ice cold. He slowly got up with his dripping wet hair and increasingly imposing aura.
  • "Liang Keke?"
  • Huo Ciyi deliberately adjusted the tone of his voice. He spoke a voice that left people trembling with fear.
  • Liang Keke couldn't help but shuffle a few steps back the instant when she saw Huo Ciyi. "How could it be? The man in the photo was actually you?"
  • She whispered with a pout, and couldn't help but think back to the photo that her best friend had just sent her.
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