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Chapter 41 For Someone

  • Since Huo Ciyi treated her like she was nothing but air, Jiang Mucheng figured that she should act like she didn't care at all either. She walked right passed Huo Ciyi and headed into the kitchen.
  • "Ma, what are you doing? I'll help you."
  • Jiang Mucheng washed her hands as soon as she stepped into the kitchen, then walked over to the housekeeper and Mrs. Huo.
  • Mrs. Huo saw that Jiang Mucheng was back and couldn't contain the joy on her face.
  • "No, it's okay. You don't need to do a thing. Go on and watch TV with Ciyi. I plan to single-handedly host today's family dinner. Don't you steal my thunder!"
  • With that said, Mrs. Huo pushed Jiang Mucheng out.
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