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Chapter 40 I'd Look For a Gigolo Than To Look For You

  • "I've already signed the divorce papers. Even if there was something between him and I, we'd be in the right sense to do so. You have no right to question it, nor do you have the right to punish either of us."
  • Jiang Mucheng really wanted to seriously piss Huo Ciyi!
  • She was so strong willed!
  • Those words left Huo Ciyi unsure how to respond. He just furrowed his brows and looked at Jiang Mucheng.
  • It was true that he didn't need to bother with Jiang Mucheng any more, but he was just annoyed. So, he had to intervene.
  • "You went to your date at home last night for your future guest? Today, you came to the office for overtime to have a secret date with your own student. Jiang Mucheng, we haven't seen each other for the past few years now. Are you that unbearably thirsty?
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