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Chapter 38 I Came For You

  • Huo Ciyi turned his head and his emotionless gaze fell directly on Jiang Mucheng.
  • Jiang Mucheng didn't avoid his gaze at all, but raised her eyebrows are him. She was waiting for him to answer.
  • "Our divorce agreement hasn't been legalised yet, so you are still Mrs. Huo. I hope that you're clear about that. Be careful with what you say."
  • Huo Ciyi gave her that stern warning, then withdrew his gaze and continued to read the documents in his hand.
  • Jiang Mucheng rolled her eyes at Huo Ciyi, then blurted, "How boring," she said in annoyance.
  • That was just how much insensitive he was and it wasn't like she had just found out about this either. At first, she was engrossed by his depth.
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