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Chapter 35 You Look Shy

  • When Huo Ciyi left Fang Zhian's home, he headed straight for Jiang Mucheng's old apartment. His parents were still at home and the two of them didn't return all night. If he came home alone, his parents would suspect something.
  • The car just stopped in the neighbourhood when Huo Ciyi saw Jiang Mucheng's silhouette.
  • She walked behind a man, smiling unusually happily and nodding profusely at him.
  • Huo Ciyi's eyes instantly when he had a good look at the man's face.
  • Wasn't that the man who he saw in Jiang Mucheng's office yesterday... He had a mocking smirk on his face. Should he be proud that his wife was an expert at attracting men? Yesterday, he was just a highly revered guest at the office and yet, they took it to the next level last night.
  • By the time Huo Ciyi swiftly got out of the car and drew closer to Jiang Mucheng, the man had already got in his car and drove off into the distance. However, she glared reluctantly as the car drove off.
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