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Chapter 27 I Just Wanted to See Him

  • Jiang Mucheng was stunned for a moment, as it was already too late to hide.
  • Huo Ciyi strode directly over to her and scanned the surrounding area.
  • There was a Jiang Yiyi's jacket on the hospital bed and a small watch, which they could tell had belonged to a boy.
  • Jiang Mucheng's heart raced a little, but she bolted to her feet and burst out laughing.
  • "What's wrong? Do you not believe me Mr. Huo? Have you come to see if I'm hiding a man?"
  • Liang Keke didn't know their previous conversation, and so she took the chance to lean and peer inside. She couldn't help but looked shocked, when she picked up Jiang Yiyi's little jacket.
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