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Chapter 19 Wearing Absolutely Nothing at All

  • When Huo Ciyi came home, Mrs. Huo had already prepared a cup of milk for him.
  • Huo Ciyi hung his jacket up, then turned to his mum.
  • "Ma, why did you call to rush me back?" He asked.
  • Mrs. Huo walked up to Huo Ciyi with a beaming smile, and put Huo Ciyi a cup of milk in his hand. "Nothing serious. I just wanted you to get some rest. If you came back early, then I could see you earlier," she said.
  • Huo Ciyi took the milk from Mrs. Huo but didn't drink it.
  • He just put the milk aside. Mrs. Huo saw that Huo Ciyi hadn't touched the milk, and got a little impatient. She pushed the milk toward Huo Ciyi again and made him pick it up.
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