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To Love Is to be Vulnerable

To Love Is to be Vulnerable

Update: 2022-03-11

Chapter 1 Legal Wife

  • At the city's downtown hospital, the lights in Obstetrics and Gynecology's ward are on.
  • "Jiang Mucheng, what do you mean? What do you mean bringing this intern doctor to give me a checkup?"
  • Liang Keke was about to explode from anger. She came tonight to embarrass Jiang Mucheng.
  • But, from when she entered the hospital until now, she had been fooled by Jiang Mucheng several times.
  • First, it was rejecting to treat her many times.
  • She used her connections to finally force Jiang Mucheng to treat her. But Jiang Mucheng had a male intern doctor check her instead. She only stood at the side giving directions.
  • Liang Keke was so angry that she ripped the prescription to pieces.
  • Why! Why!
  • Jiang Mucheng! You have nothing now, what are you still acting for!
  • "The checkup is done; Miss Liang can go retrieve the medicine now. If you take it as directed, you will be good in three days."
  • Jiang Mucheng's expression was calm without a hint of anything else.
  • "Impossible! I am definitely pregnant!I would feel like vomiting whenever I eat something and I want to eat sour food, how could I not be pregnant? You must be doing this on purpose because you are envious of me!"
  • "If Miss Liang does not believe me, you can go get yourself checked at a different hospital."
  • Jiang Mucheng responded frankly.
  • This was not the first checkup. There has been people like Liang Keke coming to her for the last ten days, using all kinds of reasons to have her give them a 'checkup'.
  • "Yi never used condoms with me, you should also know Yi's habit, he doesn't like it. Therefore, according to our daily rate and frequency, I should be pregnant."
  • Liang Keke laughed shyly, her eyes full of pride.
  • "Don't eat too much spicy or oily foods and your urge to vomit will decrease. In addition, pay attention to your sleep schedule, sometimes cerebral insufficiency from lack of sleep can also cause vomiting."
  • Jiang Mucheng's face remained expressionless as if the man named Yi had nothing to do with her.
  • "If you keep at it like this, I tell your dean that you have a arrogant attitude, delaying a patient's treatment!"
  • The calmer Jiang Mucheng was, the angrier Liang Keke became.
  • Jiang Mucheng looked resignedly at Liang Keke, her face full of sympathy and then pointed to the inspection table, "Lay down."
  • Liang Keke laid back on the inspection table.
  • "Does this hurt..."
  • "It hurts!"
  • Liang Keke could not help but knot her brows. She felt that there was something coming up from her stomach and rushed to get up. She ran to the garbage can but she only retched, nothing came out.
  • When she finally calmed down, she turned around and laughed at Jiang Mucheng, "I must be pregnant, write the checkup report properly!"
  • Jiang Mucheng picked a pen and added another prescription to the original prescription and then handed it to Liang Keke, "If you really do not understand why you are still not pregnant, I recommend that you bring Mr. Huo over for a checkup to see if it is because of him."
  • "You..."
  • With this, Jiang Mucheng did not but left the Obstetrics and Gynecology ward. Liang Keke was so furious that she stamp her foot.
  • It was ironic that a respiratory doctor was treating an obstetrics and gynecology illness!
  • She wanted to hold her down her with pregnancy? Ridiculous.
  • In the hall, Jiang Mucheng took a deep breath, picked up her phone, and dialed a line of numbers.
  • What's surprising was that she had not dialed this number in three years yet she still remembered it so clearly.
  • The phone rang for a while before it was finally picked up.
  • A lazy deep voice came from the phone, "Hello?"
  • "It's me...Jiang Mucheng."
  • She hesitated and decided to say her name.
  • She thought that with what had happened between them, he should be able to tell who she is.
  • But what if?
  • On the phone, the man lightly replied with a glottal sound and then said, "Huh? Jiang Mucheng?"
  • "I don't quite remember my relation with Ms. Jiang. Let me think, who is Jiang Mucheng."
  • He said in a tranquil manner.
  • "Mr. Huo's legal wife."