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Chapter 54

  • Ae Ri's POV
  • After dressing up for school, I and Ga Eun got into our separate cars as usual and drove to school. Ye Jun was just leaving the parking lot when we arrived there so he waited for us and we went to class together.
  • "Have you guys come up with a plan yet? I mean, how we are going to protect Ae Ri from the enemies?" Ye Jun asked after we greeted each other
  • "Uhhm! Not yet! For now, we want to unravel the mysteries especially the mystery behind Ae Ri's kidnap" Ga Eun answered him before I could say anything
  • "Ohh! That's nice, but we need to be fast. How do we go about this?" Ye Jun asked curiously
  • "We found something but we haven't confirmed what is in it yet. The only person who can open it is Ae Ri but she can only do that after activating her powers fully" Ga Eun explained again
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