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Chapter 66

  • Ae Ri's POV
  • I opened my eyes slowly as a result of the distant noises I was hearing. I tried sitting up but it seemed a little difficult because...... My hands and legs are tied! 
  • What the heck! Who did this to me and how did it even happen? I closed my eyes and soon, I began to recollect everything that happened.
  • I was in the restaurant trying to follow Ye Jun when someone suddenly hit me from behind. This isn't Shin Ha house so I guess it must belong to Chung Cha or Mi Cha.
  • I soon heard a sound at the door, looks like I will finally meet my kidnapper. I want to know who it is first so I can know what to do.
  • She walked in slowly and I trailed my eyes from her legs to her face. Mi Cha? I'm not so surprised anyway.
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