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Chapter 53

  • Ae Ri's POV
  • After crying for few minutes like a baby, I gently pulled out of the hug and wiped my tears with my head bowed. I feel so embarrassed now for crying so much in front of Ga Eun, now she will know I'm not so strong like I seem to be.
  • "It's okay to cry after seeing what reminds you of your dead parents. I understand you and I feel your pain" she said like she could read my mind
  • "I'm really sorry for acting like that, I shouldn't have cried so much" I said apologetically
  • "Awwn, my baby! You don't need to apologise okay? I understand how you feel because I've also lost both parents" she said with a smile
  • "I'm really sorry for the loss of your parents" I said and noticed the tears that gathered in her eyes
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