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Chapter 65

  • Ye Jun's POV
  • I really want to get mad at her but I can't. She just said that out of anger, I'm sure she didn't mean it. I should probably return to her now because I suddenly feel uneasy.
  • I walked out of the restroom and went to where I was seated before but she wasn't there. Could she have gone to the car already?
  • With a doubtful mind, I went to the car to check her but she wasn't there. I wasn't expecting her to be here though, I just decided to check.
  • Does it mean she has gone back into the restaurant? But why would she do that? Something doesn't seem right and I'm beginning to get scared.
  • I went into the restaurant and met our table empty. She's not here either! What if something happened to her? No, I shouldn't have negative thoughts.
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