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Chapter 62

  • Ye Jun's POV
  • Just as I told Ae Ri and Ga Eun the previous day, I arrived at Ae Ri's mansion early in the morning. They weren't done wearing their clothes so I had to wait for them in the sitting room.
  • After waiting for a while, I finally heard footsteps and I raised my head to behold the most amazing sight ever.
  • How come Ae Ri seems to be growing beautiful with each passing day? I totally forgot about Ga Eun because I couldn't even see her. The only person who caught my full attention was Ae Ri.
  • "Can we leave now? You've been staring non-stop" Ga Eun said rolling her eyes and that seemed to bring me back to my senses
  • "Good morning" I greeted awkwardly trying so hard to avoid Ae Ri's gaze
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