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Chapter 3 Return

  • Six years later, at the intersection of the men’s and women’s bathrooms at the airport.
  • A beautiful woman with a flawless figure crouched down in front of a six-year-old boy.
  • “Mommy has to use the bathroom for a while, Lingrui. Don’t go running off! Help Mommy look after the luggage.” the woman said gently as she gazed at the boy with adoring eyes.
  • After receiving a nod, Min Qing got up and walked elegantly into the female bathroom, revealing the little boy’s handsome face.
  • “What a handsome little boy.”
  • “You’re right! He looks better than those child stars on TV.”
  • “He looks like he walked out of a comic book...”
  • Women, young and old, couldn’t keep their eyes off the little boy.
  • How they yearned to caress his pinkish face.
  • “Move aside.” A cold, childish voice rang out from behind them.
  • The women who were blocking the path turned their heads, only to find no one there aside from other passersby.
  • “I said, move aside.” The childish voice sounded impatient.
  • The crowd looked down to see another handsome-looking boy.
  • Looking around six years of age, the child was dressed in a black leather jacket and matching black jeans.
  • The sunglasses he wore covered half of his face, but it didn’t conceal his handsome profile. With his pursed thin lips, he looked like a displeased young prince.
  • He was small but vigorous.
  • The crowd could tell from the little boy’s outfit that he came from a wealthy family.
  • To avoid offending anyone, they dared not take a second glance at him, no matter how good he looked.
  • Following that, the crowd dispersed.
  • The aloof little boy walked past Min Lingrui to use the bathroom, only to be held back by the latter.
  • “Let go of me.” The brows hidden behind his sunglasses had already furrowed. He hated being touched by strangers.
  • Min Lingrui reached out to remove the other boy’s sunglasses and looked at his face. The two looked like twins, completely indistinguishable from each other.
  • Min Lingrui’s little mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as he said softly, “We look so alike! Did you come out of my mommy’s tummy too?”
  • Ji Yuxuan was also shocked upon seeing Min Lingrui, but he wasn’t as childish.
  • He glanced at the latter as though he was an idiot. Then he broke free of Min Lingrui’s grasp, snatched his sunglasses back and put them on before turning away.
  • “What are you looking at, honey? Do you want to take a wee too?”
  • Min Qing came out of the bathroom and saw her son looking toward the men’s room, so she thought he wanted to go too.
  • Min Lingrui looked up at his mother. His eyes twinkled as he said excitedly, “Mommy, I met a boy who looks just like me!”
  • Just then, Min Qing’s phone rang.
  • She took it out and saw Wan Sisi’s name on the screen.
  • Min Qing swiped on her phone and placed it to her ear. “Hi, Sisi! Yeah, I’ve gotten off the plane. I just used the bathroom and will be out soon.”
  • The woman put the phone back into her pocket. Then, she pulled her luggage with one hand and held her son’s small hand with the other.
  • She didn’t take Min Lingrui’s words to heart.
  • “Your godmother is here. She’s waiting for us at the entrance!”
  • Meanwhile, inside the men’s room, a cool-looking little boy stood next to an equally cool-looking grown man.
  • The tall, slender man was dressed in a suit. With a pair of dark eyes, a tall nose and thin lips pursed together, his chiseled face looked absolutely stunning.