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Chapter 31

  • Alina
  • In the golden and red hues of the twilight, the Constantium looked like a magnificent giant with its high towers and angel statues. The mountain now had an opening. Its doors which were in the shape of a cave were open for the ceremony.
  • Athena, now in a gorgeous ankle length lavender lace dress encrusted with diamonds and paired up with sapphire drop earrings, came to stand on my right while Selene, in an ankle length maroon dress with full sleeves and diamond embroidery, stood on my left. The queen wore a floor-length red dress with golden embroidery along with her crown and gold earrings. Another girl who looked like a female version of Erick, only smaller, stood next to her with a green embroidered dress. That must be Susan, Erick’s second elder sister. In fact, everyone around me was glittering in some of the best designer dresses I had ever laid eyes on. I couldn’t even get started on Miaka. She wore a golden dress which shone over all others. She looked utterly gorgeous, but she didn’t wear any crown. She had a small diamond encrusted hair band but no crown. However, there was a necklace around her neck that stole the show. It looked like an antique necklace with its pearl beads and gold design enclosing a huge sapphire. It held an unusual aura around it.
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