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Chapter 7

  • The head chef grabbed Charles’s leg and began to beg. “Please, don’t let them fire me. I have nowhere to go, please.”
  • Charles kicked his hands away from his legs and the head chef fell to the ground in tears. “You humiliated me in my private room and in public. You claimed to be the best chef and yet, I beat you so easily. I hope this is a lesson to you. Never look down on people because of their appearance or status.”
  • Everyone watched as the head chef groveled before Charles, begging. Mark was speechless and hid at the corner of the kitchen. He knew that his hope of getting back at Charles had been dashed. And he would be kicked out of the hotel with his friend.
  • “Please, I’ve learnt my lesson.” The head chef continued to beg. “This is my only source of income. If you let them fire me, I’ll be homeless and poor. My wife and children will leave me. Please, I beg you, Mr. Charles.”
  • But Charles remembered all the insults and the way they mocked him in front of Vera and the hotel staffs. He recalled how Mark made fun of his mother and the cruel things they said. He wasn’t going to forgive them easily.
  • Charles turned to the cooking manager. “According to the rules of the competition, the loser will be kicked out of this hotel. I believe I have won and proven to everyone that I am a better chef than this man. I want the terms of the competition to be fulfilled.”
  • “Yes, yes,” the cooking manager replied. “He will pack his things immediately and leave the hotel.” He turned to the head chef who was still on the floor crying. “Mr. Jeremy, please get everything that belongs to you and leave the hotel immediately. Do not come near the hotel premises anymore. You’ll be replaced with someone more competent.”
  • The head chef cried out when he heard the manager’s words. For someone who loved mocking people, you would think that the head chef would be more composed about his loss. Instead, he was crying like a baby and many of the staff were mocking him.
  • “I’ll do anything you want,” Jeremy begged the manager and Charles. “You can demote me to an ordinary cook but please don’t fire me. You can even make me a cleaner in the hotel and I’ll appreciate it. Please don’t do this to me. You’ll ruin my life.”
  • “We’ve given you enough time to get your things. If you hesitate any longer, we will call the security to throw you out.” The cooking manager warned.
  • “Please–”
  • “Security!! Security!!” The manager called and immediately, two large body guards came. “Take this man away and throw him out of this hotel. Don’t let him ever step his foot into this hotel. He is a stain on our reputation.”
  • The body guards obeyed the manager and grabbed the head chef immediately. “Please, don’t do this to me.” The head chef begged as they dragged him out.
  • “Wait.” Charles yelled and the body guards stopped in their tracks. The head chef thought Charles stopped them because he wanted to forgive him but he was wrong. “Where is your counterpart?” He asked, referring to Mark. He glanced around the kitchen and spotted Mark, hiding by the corner. He pointed at Mark who was hiding by the corner of the kitchen. “Throw him out as well. He was barred from this hotel earlier but used his privilege as the friend of the head chef to come in again. Kick him out on the streets too.”
  • The second body guard grabbed Mark and dragged him and the head chef out of the hotel. Charles was pleased with himself as he watched the scene and also received compliments from everyone.
  • “I knew you would win,” Vera said, approaching him. “I am so happy you did and you put those two at their place.”
  • “Thank you,” Charles replied, beaming with smiles. He was happy that Mark did not tarnish his image and Vera was still interested in talking with him.
  • “I’ve spoken to other managers and you’ll be recognized in this hotel as one of our best residents.” She said, “All the staff that looked down on you will face the consequences of their actions.”
  • “You’re amazing,” Charles thanked her. “Can I get your card and number if possible?” He saw the smile on her face when he asked and felt on top of the world.
  • Vera gave him her private card. “You can call me with that number there. I’ll be happy to hear from you soon.”
  • “I’ll definitely do that.”
  • “By the way, where did you learn to cook like that?” She asked him. “I tasted the meals and I still can't believe you prepared them in four hours. I don’t think the best chef in this city can even beat you.”
  • Charles chucked. He couldn’t tell her about the system and the skill it gave him. “It’s just one of the things I’m good at. There are many more you’ll get to know.”
  • Vera smiled. “I hope so. I can’t wait to get to know you better, Mr. Charles. You’re a great man.”