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Chapter 45

  • The Wedding (Part 1):
  • "A promise is a promise my friend, you don't have to remind me, besides I helped you kill those guards and removed the loop, so I still remember our promise of friend." Daniel Mother told her as they continued their walk towards a small pillar made of the three elements, Water, Fire and Earth.
  • FlashBack:
  • Years ago before the War even started, Queen Elfy and King Haule were seen inside the King chamber, discussing. King Haule was standing close to his feet window while his wife was sitting on his bed.
  • "Haule, my father hates me now because I got married to you instead of the one he wants me to get married to, you and I know that they can cut off our mates bond but I still rejected his words and got married to you, even though I didn't receive his blessings and I don't care," she huffed out the last part.
  • "How?"
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