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Chapter 3

  • Beginning (Part 1)
  • Seven (7) Years Later:
  • At the top of an ice mountain a little boy with white hair, tied in a bun, was seen meditating. Legs crossed, eyes closed, both hands in the air as ice snow fell on him. On his forehead was a red flower drawing. He stayed like that until the moon came out.
  • Soon, he opened his eyes, his eyeballs were rainbow colors which changed into silver, he breathed in and stood up.
  • "Let's go home." He called out and a large Leopard made of wind appeared beside him, at his left side.
  • "I thought you would stay here all night," the leopard said, yawning loudly.
  • "I don't know why he likes involving us in his meditation, have you ever seen a Lion who meditates before?" A large fire Lion appeared next to the leopard as he stretched himself.
  • "I think he must have seen one." The leopard responded.
  • "Then that Lion he saw did not come from my lineage, I could hardly feel my beautiful paws." The fire Lion said and dramatically fell down to the ground, lifting up his four paws to the air.
  • "Meditating helps clear the mind." The white-haired boy said, even though he try to make his voice sound soft which failed woefully but they were used to his harsh tone. "If you are lost and you meditate, you will find the right path before you."
  • "Well good thing I am not lost, I know my way home like the back of my paws." The Leopard said.
  • "Ice fang doesn't meditate with us and you never force that wolf."
  • "I wonder what he sees in that wolf that he doesn't see in us." The fire Lion said playfully and stood up on four, wagging his fire tail. "Not that he is stronger than us."
  • "Ice fang meditate but you jealous lazy bones won't see it." A new voice joins them, and a very large ice lycan werewolf appears at the white-haired boy's right side. The ice Lycan was seated with his legs crossed, eyes closed with seriousness, and his sharp claws hands in the air. "And please I am trying to concentrate here so keep your voice down."
  • "How did you get here?" The Leopard and Lion both ask in surprise.
  • "Actually, just now and my butt is hurting." The werewolf said standing up on hind feet, his rainbow long tail wrapping around the young boy, who is their master, body and placing him on his shoulder, "I am here to take him home." With that he leapt to the air and was gone, ice falling around in flower forms.
  • "Show off." The Lion said, rolling his eyes and disappearing, the Leopard was gone too.
  • _________
  • "Mother, you did not drink your soup." The white-haired boy said sadly as he
  • entered the cave where he lived with his mother.
  • Flower coughed, her face was pale. She was sick and dying, she had made a huge sacrifice by giving birth to her son. It had drained all her powers and strength but she managed to take care, feed and taught her son how to fight until her body couldn't move again last winter and now her son was taking care of her.
  • The white-haired boy carried the soup. "I am going to warm it, mother."
  • "Don't bother yourself son, seat with me." Flower said and he did. "I will be gone soon and you will be the last of our kind."
  • "Don't talk like that mother, I am going to find a cure to treat your illness, I just need to concentrate a little more."
  • Oh, he won't understand. Her illness can't be cured.
  • Flower thought.
  • "Listen Winter, long ago we owned the spirits beasts but greediness made them kill our kind and forcefully took away our spirit beasts, I survived because I went into hiding. That is why if you must leave here, no one should know about your true self. You are special."
  • The white-haired boy nodded his head and Flower continued. "Love, all the most powerful emotions come from chaos -fear, anger, love- especially love. Love is chaos itself. Think about it! Love makes no sense. It shakes you up and spins you around. And then, eventually , it falls apart and you get hurt at the end just like what your father did. I don't want you to get hurt like me, so my final gift to you is; bring your ear close to me." She said and Winter did as instructed, she then placed her both hands on each of his tiny chest, unlike others supernatural, Winter has two hearts on his right and left chest. Her hands glowed and soon she removed her hands. "I have sealed your two hearts from love, but it can be broken if their love for you is genuine, but remember my son, that love hurts, is better not to experience it but if you do, just remember that it's those we trust and love the most that betrays us."
  • Flower whispered those words and closed her eyes. "Now go and warm that soup, I am hungry."
  • Winter turned his back and blew into the soup, it started boiling.
  • "Your father is the King of the supernatural, his name is Galore." Flower told him.
  • When Winter turned with the hot soup in his hands, the soup fell from his hands, His mother had almost faded away.
  • "I hope you don't end up like me Winter." Those were her last words before she faded away, her bed was empty.