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Chapter 42

  • I Am Pregnant 🤰 (Part 1)
  • "Excuse me, what do you say?" Vala asked, not understanding what Ruthless was saying.
  • "You need to see yourself," Ruthless said to her smiling. You look so gorgeous mate." He added.
  • Not quite understanding what he meant, she stood up from the ground and hurried to her room and went to her mirror, ignoring Ruthless icy body behind her. She slowly lifted up her hands to touch her face, she was whole. Her eyes slowly went down to her body and she gasped out aloud when she couldn't find the cracks anymore, returning her gaze back to the mirror, she couldn't believe the face staring right back at her.
  • She moved back in shock and Ruthless arms encircled around her waist, kissing her neck and resting his head on her shoulder.
  • "Now you don't look like a beast anymore Vala, you are the most beautiful of them all and I am so proud and happy that you are my mate." Ruthless told her.
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