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Chapter 22

  • Ruthless Vs Blue (Part 3):
  • "Don't you ever say we are not meant to be, the Creator never makes mistakes," Vala said and what Ruthless said suddenly drew to her. "H-ho-how did you know of Pula and Zelik?" She asked in shock.
  • "I see Vision of you Zelik and Pula, but I don't know what the three of you are really up to, but I know it's bad." Ruthless answer. "I saw you, Zelik and Pula leaving the Elves land, it wasn't me though, it was one of my spirits beast."
  • "Okay, so why do you say Zelik knows we are not meant to be?" She asked.
  • "Don't be silly Vala, once I break the bond between us, you get to choose Zelik's master, oh you will definitely fall in love with him. I am doing you a huge favor Vala so you won't end up regretting being my soulmate."
  • "I won't regret anything as long as I'm with you, my Winter." Vala told him. "And sometimes, Vision do change." She added.
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