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Chapter 39

  • They say happy endings don’t just exist in fairy tales. They also exist in reality. One has to be happy and fulfilled to say that it’s the end. So, if one is not yet happy and fulfilled, it’s not yet the end. One has to learn to have faith. Keep the faith, as they say.
  • I had my share of ups and downs. I even think there are more downs than ups. But that’s okay. At least I am happy right now. I am contented.
  • Everything’s back into place. Everything’s going well again.
  • Mom and Dad just celebrated their Pearl Wedding Anniversary, which means they are married for thirty long years. Who would have thought that married couple would reach that, especially nowadays when couples tend to break up? I even laughed at one quote I read that couples of today break up more often that one takes a bath.
  • Is that even serious?
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