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Chapter 28

  • “So where do you plan to go now?” Genevieve asked me. We are still at the café and I am still sulking over this decision of mine. Which, I am trying to convince myself that I am right.
  • I shrugged. “I don’t know. I actually plan on taking a leave from work because I don’t think I can handle working with this kind of situation,” I replied, lifeless. Honestly, I feel like a zombie.
  • I haven’t even been working now because of all the things that has happened to in a span of a single month. I can’t believe there could be tragic things happening all the way.
  • Genevieve sighed hard. “Yes. I think you should relax first and free your mind from everything that bugs you right now.” She agreed. Of course, she would agree. She is my best friend in the first place.
  • I nodded. “Although, I don’t exactly know where or when to start moving on,” I replied, sounding sulky.
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