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Chapter 8:

  • Grace
  • My breathing finally came slower after fifteen minutes of lying still on the couch. The post-orgasm haze cleared from my eyes and I felt my back ache from the uncomfortable position and Damien’s heavy weight on top of me.
  • Damien’s breathing was still a bit ragged when he popped up on his elbows on either side of my head, his cock inside me, moved a bit causing me to gasp and I felt it harden again, just a bit. Daniel groaned, eyes closed and sweat appeared on his forehead. “I’d love nothing more than to stay right here all night, but that’s not what I want us to be like. A relation based only on sex never ends well and I don’t want this to end so soon.”
  • Pulling out on a groan, Daniel pulled out tissues from the box on the table and wiped his semi-hard cock clean of any cum. Throwing the crumbled tissues into the bathroom, he looked at me with his brows furrowed. “Shit! I forgot protection.”
  • “It’s okay,” I told him, lying still on the couch with my dress up to my abdomen and my legs closed tight even though the panty had fallen back into place. “I’m on the pill.”
  • “Let’s not take any chances yet, okay. Just get a test done in a few weeks, just in case.” He told me, voice a bit worried.
  • “Okay,” Covering myself properly, I went to get up but noticed Damien’s rueful look. “What?”
  • “I’d have preferred to clean you with my tongue, but if we don’t hurry, we’ll miss our reservation.” Daniel said.
  • My cheeks heated at his words. This was my first time at a quickie. Before Daniel, I’ve only had one boyfriend and that relationship had ended so horribly, I never speak about it to anyone.
  • My mother is really conservative and my father overprotective and they are both Catholics. The last relationship I had was in High school and went down the gutter because my parents had found out and even tried to press charges against the boy I was dating. The only reason they couldn’t was because I had threatened to tell the police that I was a willing participant. But that had meant I was grounded for the rest of my senior high school year and was only allowed to go out with my family and school. Life had become Hell for me because my parents would pretty much always remind me that I’d broken a taboo and had sex before marriage, therefore I was entitled to go to Hell. The only plus was that my younger brother, Tory, had stayed with me as much as possible.
  • But then I’d met the girls in college. Ken and Ty had more than made up for the awful high school year and taught me to be happy again. Though there had been plenty of boys to choose from in college with me having to move to LA for college, that fear I had of my parents finding out never fully went away. And boys tended to give up after a few days.
  • But Daniel, he was different. He’d literally stalked me for ages before making his move. And while others would have taken advantage of a drunken girl, he’d made sure I was sober first. That had been the first thing that drew me to him. And then there was the fact that I could literally stare into his eyes forever, they were so blue and beautiful that words alone couldn’t describe them. The way his hair fell on his forehead or the way his lips tilted up into a half smirk and there was also the fact that he seemed to notice every tiny detail about me, which I’d learned from the texts he’d send me these last few days. But most of all, I was intrigued by Daniel to a point that it felt like I could spend an eternity getting to know the man who had sent me home cooked lasagna two days ago because he wanted to win my heart through my stomach.
  • I cleaned up in the bathroom really quick but thoroughly, reapplied my makeup and brushed my hair before stepping out into the living room. The dress I’d worn was crease free so I needn’t worry about wrinkles. Damien stood by the kitchen island, looking at a picture of me and Tory we’d taken five years ago on a fair. He seemed huge enough to swallow up the room and yet, he somehow fit right in.
  • “This is your brother, right? You two look almost like twins, but he has a more squarish jaw. How old is he?” Daniel asked, as if sensing my presence.
  • “Tory’s twenty. We’re four years apart.” I told him as I grabbed my purse from the table next to the couch, trying my best not to turn bright red.
  • “Ready?”
  • “Yes.” I walked out the door as Daniel held it open and then locked it behind me.
  • We then got into his silver Sedan and Daniel started the car after helping me strap in. We drove for a good half hour before reaching a restaurant that didn’t look as posh as I’d have expected from Daniel and I couldn’t help but notice that the houses in this area were smaller than in the metropolitan areas. But then again, Daniel might look all tall and businessly, but he does prefer simple things, like that small breakfast place he took me to after the first time we slept together. Daniel killed the engine and got out of the car to come around to my side of the car and held the door open for me. “Watch your step.” He told me as I got down from the car.
  • “Where are we?” I asked him, looking at the worn out building that was still clean and had a steady stream of customers going in and out. There was a sign on top of the front door, but I couldn’t read the letters because they were a little worn out and written in a language I presume was Italian.
  • “This is where I came from.” He said with a wide smile as he looked at the building, his arm around my waist.
  • I looked up at his startled. Did he bring me here to meet his family?
  • He led me in through the front door and into the midst of all kinds of chaos. The restaurant was houseful; waiters kept rushing in and out of the kitchen carrying various dished while customers kept yelling out for their order. The kitchen was divided from the sitting area by a glass wall and I could see four chef’s hard at work. But as soon as we entered, several shouts were heard all over the room and all the waiting staff and chefs, as well as a few customers came rushing towards us. Soon, Daniel was engulfed in bear hugs and back slaps as everyone cheered for him.
  • After the crowd gave him a little space to breathe, Daniel turned to me with a grin so wide it stretched from ear to ear and transformed his face to devastatingly beautiful. “Grace, meet my family.”