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Chapter 7:

  • Grace
  • Usually, whenever Ken found her next ‘perfect guy’ or whenever Ty had a date with Connor, we’d all meet up to discuss their men, to sigh over the romantic fantasies and get some greasy food into our system while we’re at it.
  • But for some reason, I didn’t want Ken or Ty to find out about Daniel yet. Of course they’d be supportive and encouraging, but going out with Daniel was something that my mother will never approve of and it made me feel naughty as Hell doing it. Like I am making up for my High School years when I’d watched my silent crush, the school’s bad boy Harry Grover ride into the parking on his motor bike with a different girl on his arm each morning. Though his concept of loyalty had been non-existent, I still couldn’t get over how blue his eyes were and how his blonde hair had caught the light when he was on the field playing basket ball with his pals.
  • Daniel wasn’t Harry, not by a long shot. His eyes were the bluest I’d ever seen and his dark hair might look edgy but it was softer than the finest silk. Daniel also preferred suits rather than Harry’s preferred t-shirts and leather jackets and Daniel was more of a Sedan guy, but one thing I was sure of, Daniel didn’t have a fickle mind. He had that look in his eyes that said when he wanted something; he’d stop at nothing to get it.
  • I shivered as the early evening air caused goosebumps to appear on my skin as I stood on the balcony of my little apartment. Friday had finally arrived and Daniel was supposed to take me out on a date tonight. But I’ll have to admit, it wasn’t only the date but what was supposed to happen after that had me blushing ten different shades of red. I’d arrived early from office, having worked extra hard all week so I could make an early exit. Ironically, I’d used the excuse that I’d be late from office today so I could skip out on our girl’s night.
  • Fortunately I hadn’t been the only one who wouldn’t be able to make it this week. Ken was on a hiking trip with her new boy toy, someone we are yet to meet, so Ty and Connor decided to go out on a date of their own.
  • I was still sipping on a cup of green tea when my phone chimed with a message. Pushing off the railing, I went inside my kitchen cum dining cum living room and found my phone on the little coffee table next to the couch. Setting my cup down, I picked up my cell to find a message from Daniel.
  • I’ll be there in an hour.
  • Eyes widening, I looked at the time on my phone to find that it was already 5.34 pm. Thank goodness I’d already taken a shower.
  • Finishing off the rest of my tea in one go, the liquid more warm than hot, I placed it on the sink and ran to my bedroom. My hair was almost dry so I started to curl it after applying some heat resistant gel. Almost a half hour later, I’d managed to curl my hair into loose ringlets, it helped that my hair was naturally wavy. Keeping my makeup simple, I applied some eyeliner, a golden eye shadow with light glitter and a bright cherry red lipstick. I then took a tissue paper and placed it over my lips and then applied a light dusting of powder so that the lipstick stays in place; because there’s nothing worse than a runny red lipstick on your first date.
  • I’d chosen a satin red dress, one of the finest clothing I have, which weren’t many because I usually save up enough to buy them once or sometimes if I’m lucky, twice a year. This dress however, was a gift from Ken and Ty on my birthday early this year, which is why it had an outrageously plunging back that ended just above my ass, an inbuilt bra that made my boobs look bigger and more rounded and it ended a good few inches above my thighs. The only good thing was the long sleeves. I wanted to wear something that didn’t show as much skin, but this naughty little girl inside me wanted to blow Daniel’s socks off just like he does with me even when he isn’t even trying.
  • I paired the dress with golden teardrop earrings and a golden watch, just as the bell rang. Startled, I stared at the mirror at the vixen that might be considered sexy to some people, but I had my doubts I’d still be no match for Daniel. I walked out of my bedroom, passing a vase filled with bright red roses that had been delivered to my house Wednesday morning with a card saying- ‘Only the best for you’, reached the door with clammy fingers and took a deep breath before unlocking it.
  • Nothing could have prepared me for the sight that was Daniel Romano. Midnight black hair spilled over his forehead as was his usual fashion, his bottomless blue eyes staring at me with an emotion that had me swallowing to wet my sudden parched throat. He wore a dark grey suit with a black shirt underneath, the top two buttons undone to give off a relaxed image, but it also hinted at the creamy skin underneath. And damn that face! It made me feel like jumping his bones right here, right now.
  • The next thing I know, I’m being hauled inside by Daniel as his lips came crashing down on mine, the door slamming shut behind him. And I melted right into his arms.
  • Damn it! How can a man I just met a week ago have this effect on me? My knees buckled as his tongue entered my mouth, if it weren’t for Daniel’s arms around my waist, I’d have fallen to the floor. My arms tightened on his back, fisting in his jacket, but Daniel didn’t seem to mind. He broke the kiss only to come up for air. I gasped in huge gulps of breath as I leaned against him.
  • “God you’re beautiful!” He groaned against my ear, his erection hard against my stomach. “You have no idea how badly I’d wanted to hold you again these past few days.”
  • Gods! The man seriously knew how to make a girl feel special.
  • I don’t know how we ended up on my living room couch, but the next thing I know, Daniel was kissing me senseless, my arms pushing off his suit jacket as he lifts up my dress and presses one finger to my vagina over my soaking panties. I couldn’t hold back my moan anymore, just as Daniel groaned out my name and buried his face in the crook of my neck. “So wet for me Grace.”
  • His words were muffled but it still made my stomach muscles clench, especially when he pushed aside my panties and parted my folds to press the pad of his thumb on my clitoris. My back arched off the couch.
  • “Now, Daniel!” I managed to whisper, my voice having disappeared as his fingers kept doing wicked things to me.
  • He didn’t need any more encouragement. Reaching between us, he pulled down the zipper of his pants and freed himself and then his cock was at my entrance, nudging my folds apart gently before slamming home in one smooth motion. A moan tore from my throat as my inner muscles were stretched to their limit.
  • And then there was no more thought, only pleasure and Daniel’s warmth wrapped around me.