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Chapter 8 Meeting

  • Before you knew it, it was Tuesday. Elizabeth was a nervous wreck. Not sure what to say or even do. She gets the bus and goes to the school, as Elizabeth didn’t drive. She met up with her daughter Sofia.
  • “Mom you got here a bit early,” Sofia says.
  • “I know. I couldn’t wait. I am so nervous. I don’t know if I am cut out for this. This was just really supposed to be for fun. What do I know about writing a book?” Elizabeth answers.
  • “Mom, stop second-guessing yourself. It’s just your nerves. The book is great. Don’t let daddy’s words win. You can do this. You can do anything you put your mind to.” Sofia states.
  • “I am the mom. I am supposed to give you the pep talks.” Elizabeth states.
  • “Sometimes even moms need them,” Sofia says with a smile.
  • Sofia walks her mother to Mrs. Trent’s classroom. She knocks on the door.
  • “Come in.” Mrs. Trent says. Sitting at her desk.
  • “Hello, Mrs. Marks. I am glad you could come today. I would like you to meet my friend Joann.” Mrs. Trent says.A short brown hair, brown eye woman.
  • Joann was a tall slender woman, with blonde long curly hair and blue eyes. Dressed to impress. A long black pencil skirt, white tucked-in blouse, and black high heels. Everything name brand, everything well put together.
  • “Thank you for having me. Thank you for reading my book.” Elizabeth says.
  • ” You don’t have to thank me. I haven’t read a book like that in years. It just takes you in.” Mrs. Trent says.
  • “I would have to agree with her. I thought at first it was just another book. No biggy. But once I started to read it, I couldn’t put it down. I would like to offer you a contract.“Joann states. “Really?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “Yes, Really. I want to publish it. I think we can make a lot of money from it. If I am correct, part two would be needed as well. Under the contract, Could you do that?“Joann asks. “Yes. I am sure I could. It may take a while.” Elizabeth states.
  • “That would be fine. It would give us time to see how this book goes. I would need you to do book signings and come to New York. I also have a publicist. That you would need to talk to. She will help you with a lot of things. Including your appearance. ” Joann comments.
  • “My appearance?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “Yes. No more need to look the housewife part. Don’t worry about a thing. She will take care of it all. If you agree.“Joann remarks.
  • “I don’t have money for any of this. My husband isn’t going to pay for trips to New York.” Elizabeth replies.
  • “You don’t have to worry about him. We will be paying for it. It will be part of the contract. All you have to do is show up. He will have no say in any of it. It’s all yours.” Joann responds.
  • “Great. Then I am in. Just tell me where to sign.
  • “Wonderful. I am so glad to hear it. I will get the documents together for you to sign. I will get you a plane ticket to New York also. Just pack a small bag. We will get you what you need when you are there.” Joann states.
  • “When will we be leaving?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “Friday afternoon. Will, that give you enough time to get your life in order to leave?” Joann asks.
  • “Yes. That should be fine. I thank you so much. For everything.” Elizabeth says.
  • “Don’t thank me yet. We haven’t sold anything. Let’s just hope this goes like I think it will. Otherwise, we will both be in the dog house.” Joann laughs.
  • “I am sure it will be fine.” Mrs. Trent states.
  • Elizabeth walks out of the classroom in shock. Not believing that any of this took place. Thinking she is in a dream. One she doesn’t want to wake up from. Even if the book didn’t sell. She still was getting a trip to New York. A new look, and mostly some freedom. It was more than she could ever ask for. Just now she had to tell Ethan. He wasn’t going to be very happy about any of this. There was no way of hiding it now. She had to be honest with him. Maybe he would even be proud of her, or not. One never knew how it would go.
  • She did know no matter what he would say or do. She was going. Nothing was going to stop her from getting this. She would be a dummy to like this go. Because of him or anyone, even if she flopped at least she gave it a go.