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Chapter 3 Getting past

  • "Uh huh, ah ......"
  • "Cunt's too tight, sweetie."
  • The man didn't give her a chance to look back, his big hands tugged at both of her ankles, knocking both of her thighs as wide open as they could go, his big cock scraping out the slutty juices of the cunt's debauchery with abandon, splashing clear juices onto the floor in puddles of lascivious liquid.
  • The two pink flaps of the little woman's cunt had been crushed shut by the prick.
  • "Fuck you to death, will you?"
  • The woman's ass was getting wetter and her cunt was getting hotter and hotter as the man's crotch kept shrugging, fucking her cunt hard and extremely fast, making the woman dizzy with pleasure that was almost extinguishing, more than a few gasps mixed in with the constant chants.
  • "Fuck you to death."
  • Never before had she gotten such an extreme sexual experience, letting the woman completely sink into the internal feast with the man.
  • "Mmmmmm ......"
  • "Was it good, darling?"
  • It was so good.
  • The man's side face was pressed against the woman's, his dark eyes watching her pinned and disoriented face as his stark black cock pulled out of its cavernous hole, the pink flesh sucking on the shaft with a plopping, watery sound, deliberately grinding the woman's juices and itching.
  • "Compare and contrast, which is better, me or your husband? Say!"
  • She was about to respond to the man when she suddenly awoke from her sleep, "Oh, so it was just a dream"
  • As she slept that night, all she could imagine was laying next to Zach. How his long strong arms would feel wrapped around her slender body, Holding her tightly.Talking to her, listening to everything she said, hanging on every word. Nothing like Ethan would at this stage in their marriage, he really didn’t care what she said, and she felt the same about him. It was always the same thing. They found each other boring.
  • She lays there dreaming all night, waking to find that it was already morning. The alarm blasting in her ears. Ethan already up and getting ready for work. She slept through the whole night. Not even knowing, when he came home. Too busy in her own world, her own new fantasy dreams.
  • She gets up, going downstairs making breakfast for everyone. Ethan grabbing it and heading out the door in a hurry. Barely saying hello, or goodbye. Just like always.
  • “Mom, I got to read your story. OMG. It’s awesome. I love it. Did you write more? I would love to read the rest.” Sofia says as she grabs her backpack. Heading out the door for school.
  • “I had to get some sleep. I will write more today. I will send it as I write. So you can keep up with me.” Elizabeth states.
  • “That sounds great. I will see you later mom.” Sofia says as she walks out the door. Isabella following.
  • Elizabeth cleans up the mess, heading upstairs to take her shower. Figuring on getting some things done, before she sits down to write again. Knowing that the day before, she got nothing done. She takes her shower, then heads to the hampers, gathering all the clothes to throw in the washer. So they could get done while she sits down to write.
  • She goes back upstairs getting her laptop, opening it up and starting to write. Again ideas just flying to her, taking her dream from that night and putting it in her book. How she felt in the dream. How hot, and wet the thought of Zach makes her.
  • Using it to write the love scenes, Now her want and desire growing more and more for him. Using that to explain, how her characters feel towards each other. Loving everything she is writing, taking it to a new level. The feelings shining through in her words, she just wishes it was real.
  • She sits there all day, forgetting to take the clothes out of the washer. Remembering when it was three in the afternoon. Hurrying up to save her work. Then heading downstairs to put the clothes in the dryer. She still needed to start dinner, knowing that she has been slacking, but Ethan wouldn’t notice as he always figured, she had everything done. She just had to dry the clothes and hang them up before he got home. Which she still had a few hours for that. She could handle it without a problem. She was used to it. She has been doing it for twenty years.
  • Twenty years wasted on cleaning up after someone, who never appreciated it at all. Only always having something to say. It was wrong or not done like the way his mother would do it. There were times, she wondered to herself. Why she even bothered? What the hell was the point? If it's not good enough, she thought, just do it yourself, but god forbid, he would put a plate away, take out the trash or even warm his own food. That was her job, she was a stay at home mom/wife. That was his thinking.
  • Then she figured, she was the one who got herself into this. Never wanting to go to work or have a career. She wanted to be a stay at home mother and wife. Well, now she was one. Careful what you wish for, It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There had to be something more than this? It wouldn’t even be so bad if he appreciated what she did, but he didn’t. She just sighed and went back to folding his underwear and hanging up his work shirts. The roasted chicken now is done. Everything is ready like it always was. Even if it was good or bad in his eyes.
  • The girls were home and now so was Ethan, they all sat down to dinner. Asking how everyone’s day was. Elizabeth just listening. Not saying what she was up to or doing. Just making it be a regular every day. If Ethan knew, he would only make fun of her. Never saying anything, she did was right. Just that it needed improvement or was just downright stupid. She didn’t care. This was just something she needed to do on her own. Finally something for herself.
  • After dinner, she just cleans up everything and goes upstairs to write. Making sure before he came to bed, she saved her work and shut down. So she didn’t have to hear, she was on the computer all the time. It would get the blame if he saw her not doing her chores. Then using it against her, telling her he would disconnect it. So before she had to hear it, she just shut down and went to bed. She was used to this by now, it was just the norm. Once he came to bed if she thought of anything to write. She would write it down in her notebook so she wouldn’t forget.
  • Just now every time she would go to sleep, it was fun. It was something to look forward to. Dreaming about the man, she was falling in love with. A man she would never have or was even in existence. It was all in her mind. Yet, at night in her dreams, it felt oh so real. Giving her more ideas and hopes for her writing. Making her boring existence now, a little more alive. Having a new purpose to get up in the morning. Her whole being more alive then it has been all her life.