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Chapter 4 Holidays

  • A few months go by, Its now Christmas time. Elizabeth is almost done her book. She just hasn’t had time with the holiday to write like she was. Her time is now consumed, with other things.
  • She will be having her family and her in-laws over for Christmas. Plus the girls had their vacation and she wanted to spend time with them. Putting up decorations like they did every year. Doing all their family traditions, baking, wrapping presents, and they also now started going Christmas shopping together since they were older. She wanted the time with them before they would grow up and leave her. She dreaded to even think about that. Not knowing what she would do with herself. They were her entire life for so long. Not to mention, them leaving would leave her and Ethan all alone together. She tried to block that thought out of her mind..
  • All this time, her mind still was on Zach, still wishing he was real. Her love and desire growing for him more and more each chapter. It kept her going when she was down. From the reality of her real life. It wasn’t the worse, but it wasn’t the best. There were things she wished she could change. Things she wishes she could experience that she never had before. Never really minding before but now that she was feeling these things for Zach, she just wished she could put it to use on someone real.
  • She just feels it was a bit late to do so. Also feeling some things never change. She didn’t think, she could ever feel that spark towards Ethan. She never really had that from the start. How would it start now? She loved him in her own way, there just never was this desire to remove his clothes and just have him. To ravish him, to need him inside of her and feel his hands all over her.
  • The flame she was feeling for Zach, she never really felt towards anyone for real. It was something new. Just building inside of her, needing out. Just not having anyone real to work it out on. Just keeping her feelings inside her like she has all these years. It wasn’t anything new. She never really let anyone know what was going on inside her. She learned to hide her pain.
  • Always keeping everything bottled up inside her. Ethan even calling her cold. It was just something that built up, after him always saying his remarks. Some fold from it, she just built up a wall to protect herself.
  • Her husband’s comments didn’t rip through her like they did when they were first married. When she cared and wanted to make him happy, even trying to do it his way. His digs never changed about anything she did, they would just increase. No matter what they were. She learned to not take anything he said personally anymore. Now she just hid everything and shrugged off most of what he said. Feeling here he goes again, he can't help himself.
  • Being cold and distant at times, Its what kept her sane. Being stronger than him. Not letting his words break her down. Just because he said it, didn’t make it true. It was just his opinion, just the way he was. Some people you can never make happy. They were not happy from the start, and you can't always fix what is broken.
  • Ethan couldn’t help himself, He was just like his mother. Nothing ever made that woman happy. She was a short chubby woman with greyish black hair and blue eyes. She was constantly complaining about something. Always putting people on a guilt trip. She loved to use tears to get her way. Always making people feel sorry for her. It was the key to get whatever she wanted. It made Elizabeth sick.
  • Ethan and his family members would fall for it. Hook line and sinker. She was a controlling bitch. Her father in law, Joe a tall slender man, with brownish-gray hair and brown eyes, was no better. To be honest, he was worse. He was the one to put the stuff in Karen’s head. Pushing her to say it. Driving people crazy. They were a tag team, both doing their best to get under your skin. They were best at making trouble and putting shit in Ethan’s head. Then both would sit back and watch the outcome. You were their real-life soap opera. They loved the entertainment their comments would bring.
  • Elizabeth did her best to limit the time, she had to see them. Not going over their house unless she totally had no other choice. Which only gave them something else to say. Something more to complain about to Ethan.
  • “Your Wife doesn’t like us. She doesn’t want to spend any time with us” They would tell Ethan.
  • “I wonder why,” Elizabeth would say to herself.
  • Elizabeth just sits there making her list for Christmas dinner. Knowing her dear in-laws would be coming over. They never really liked her. Thinking their son was too good. That didn’t bother her either, she didn’t really like them. She just put up with them for the sake of her husband. For the sake of peace. There was always something for the sake of peace. After a while, it didn’t matter. She just got used to it.
  • “Just shut up and bite your tongue. The day will pass.” She would say to herself.
  • It would soon pass. It always did. Just never soon enough.