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Chapter 5 Good times at dinner

  • It’s now Christmas, Elizabeth all ready for her dinner with the family. Getting up early to put the turkey in the oven. Her girls helping with preparing everything. She always had a large meal spread out on the table. Her husband wouldn’t have it any other way. His parents were coming. He wanted everything perfect. The decorations up, the gifts under the tree. No one opening gifts until his parents got there. It was a tradition since the children where small. It made Elizabeth sick, yet again she stayed quiet for the sake of peace.
  • Elizabeth puts the coffee on getting ready for this very long day. It is 6 am, they would be here soon. So the kids could finally open their presents and this show could get on the road.
  • Karen not wanting to miss a thing. That was her excuse, when, in reality, it was just a way to put Elizabeth out. Making Karen the full attention of the day.
  • “How many times can you watch a child open a present? Or why couldn’t she stay home and come later? She could just watch them open her presents for them. Which were always tacky and something they didn’t want. ” Elizabeth thought to herself.
  • Elizabeth puts out pasties, bagels, and coffee. So while they open presents, they have something to nibble on. Not really into the big breakfast, she would do on former Christmas’s. Instead of watching the kids open their presents, she was stuck in the kitchen. She wasn’t doing that this year. She knew she would hear it, but who cares. This was her home If you feel you want something more to eat. Eat at home, or better yet, don’t come.
  • While she is getting her cup of coffee, her mother and father in law walk in. Having a key to her home. Just another thing she hated, them having access to her home at any time, but of course Karen wouldn't have it any other way.
  • “Good morning,” Elizabeth says.
  • “Good morning. Where is everyone? They can’t still be sleeping? I am sure the girls want to open their presents. Where is breakfast, by the way.” Karen responds.
  • “Well, let’s see to answer your first question. Yes, the girls are sleeping. They know by now, they have to wait for your presence to open their gifts, and breakfast is in the living room on a tray.” Elizabeth answers.
  • Walking into the living room, taking a seat on the sofa, while sipping her coffee. Her father in law pours himself a cup and follows suit. While Karen is still in shock there isn’t any real breakfast.
  • While sitting in the living room, Ethan and the girls come down. The girls running over to say hi to their grandparents. Then running under the tree to open their presents. Elizabeth just watches her girls open their gifts. When they are done, she cleans up then heads upstairs to get washed and dressed. Leaving her in-laws and husband downstairs to entertain themselves. When Elizabeth is done, she goes back downstairs. Going straight into the kitchen, To get the rest of the food ready. Doing her best to stay away from her in-laws.
  • After awhile Elizabeth’s Mother Joan comes over. A tall slender woman with blonde short hair and brown eyes. Going straight into the kitchen to help with dinner.
  • “I see they are here? They don’t miss a trick, do they? Good god, do they ever think to start this shit at 6:30 in the morning is a bit much? Not to mention, they go home so late.” Joan states.
  • “It’s just how they are. I am used to it. I don’t pay any mind to them.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “I don’t know how you do it. I would have killed the Bitch already.” Joan answers.
  • Joan was an older woman who lived on her own. Elizabeth’s father died years ago from a heart attack. She wasn’t like Karen. She didn’t need people to do everything for her. She could stand on her own two feet. She did like spending time with Elizabeth but wasn’t as needy as Karen. Joan did have her remarks though yes she still wasn’t as bad at Karen. If you were really blunt Karen was just a pain in the ass.
  • When a few hours went by, it was time for dinner. Everyone sitting down to eat. Elizabeth put out a huge turkey and all the trimmings. Everything smelled wonderful, It also looked delicious.
  • “You know, its been two weeks since you called me Ethan,” Karen says at the dinner table.
  • “Oh, here she goes. ” Joan remarks.
  • “What is that suppose to mean?” Karen asks.
  • “Well, no matter what holiday or occasion, you always seem to make a scene. Can’t, we have one meal without the dramatics? Or is that asking too much?” Joan states.
  • “Well, I am sure if your daughter didn’t call you for two weeks. You would be upset as well.” Karen comments.
  • “I would miss her, yes, but things come up. They are not children. They have lives. Not to mention, you could pick up a phone and dial it as well. Call him.” Joan remarks.
  • “I am the parent, he is supposed to call me,” Karen replies.
  • “Pass me the wine, Please,” Joan says. Ignoring Karen.
  • “Well, Ethan do you have anything to say?” Karen asks.
  • “Man the wind in here sure doesn’t know when to stop, “Joan says with a laugh.
  • Joe looking over at Joan giving her a dirty look.
  • “Mother, I am very busy. I didn’t have time. Plus I knew Christmas was around the corner. I would see you today.” Ethan answers.
  • “That’s not good enough, I am your mother. You should call more often. I should be able to visit more often. Not only on a holiday.” Karen says starting her waterworks.
  • “Oh fuck. Here it is. Bring out the tissues. Damn it. Don’t wet the potatoes.” Joan smirks.
  • Joe just gives her a glare. Not really liking Joan very much. She said things just as she saw it. Not swaying her words at all. She didn’t give a shit if you liked her or not, she was going to say how she felt. It was just how she was. Take it or leave it.
  • Elizabeth knows her mother’s remarks don’t help. Just in a way, she is just saying what is on everyone else’s mind. They are just too scared to say it. Where she isn’t.
  • Elizabeth just continues to eat her food. Paying no attention to any of it. Ethan wouldn’t say much about it either. He knew how Joan was. He liked her. They got along very well. So he would keep his mouth closed. He knew how his mother was. Every holiday, Same thing. You need to call. You need to come over more. I don’t get to see you. Even if you visit every day. She would still say the same thing. Its what she did, As Joe watched. He didn’t really like that Joan would talk back. He didn’t think it was her place. He thought his son as weak for letting her get away with it, but Ethan knew to be quiet. The way Elizabeth put up with his family. He put up with hers. On that they were mutual.