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Chapter 7 Mrs. Trent

  • A few days go by, everything is back to normal. Elizabeth back to being the regular housewife. Picking back up on chores, she might have missed. Getting bills paid, clothing washed, beds changed. The normal for her. Ethan at work, coming home later and later. Saying it was a very busy time at the dealership. That was fine as she and the girls ate dinner together a bit earlier than normal. Then they would watch TV together.
  • No mention of the English teacher or her response to the ending chapters. Elizabeth didn’t bring it up either. She figured it was for the best. It only got her hopes up, for a big fall. She was no writer just a bored housewife. Who had nothing else to do, so she wrote a few chapters of a love story, since she didn't have any in her life. Sofia didn’t bring it up either, Everyone stayed quiet.
  • About a month goes by and Elizabeth gets a call, during the day. It’s Sofia’s English teacher Mrs. Trent.
  • “Hi, Mrs. Marks. I am sorry to bother you. I just wanted to talk to you about your book. I read it, like four times already. I just love it.” Mrs. Trent says.
  • “I am so glad. I didn’t know Sofia gave it to you till afterward.” Elizabeth states.
  • “I know she told me. The reason I took so long to get back to you was. I sent the book to my friend Joann. Who is a publisher in New York. To be honest, at first, she thought I was bullshitting about how good it was. After I explained to her, I wasn’t. That I couldn’t put it down. She said, she would give it a chance. She finally got around to reading it. She saw my point of view and would like to talk to you.“Mrs. Trent says.
  • “Oh really? I can’t go to New York. I am just a housewife, my husband would never pay for that. I would love to talk to her though. Can we over the phone?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “Don’t worry about it. Sofia told me all that as well. Joann will be coming to you. Just name a time and place. She is very eager to talk to you.” Mrs. Trent states.
  • Elizabeth is ever so relieved. She knew Ethan would have a fit. Never going along with this. This way he wouldn’t have to know.
  • “Anytime is good. Just please make it during the day, before 6:30 in the evening.“Elizabeth answers.
  • “If you need privacy we can do it at the school. In my classroom after school. That way, I can introduce you both. If that would be OK with you?” Mrs. Trent offers.
  • “That would be wonderful. I don’t know how to ever thank you for all this.” Elizabeth states.
  • “You don’t have to thank me, just write part two. I know the book is headed there the way you left it off. It’s a cliffhanger. I want more of Zach.” Mrs. Trent comments.
  • “Wow. Well, let’s see what she says about this first. Then I will see about a part two.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “OK. I will see you here next Tuesday at around three in the afternoon.” Mrs. Trent replies.
  • “Sounds good. Thank you again.“Elizabeth answers.
  • Elizabeth sits on her sofa still not able to believe, what just took place. Still thinking she was in a dream.
  • “Could this be? What will Joann say about my book? A part two?”
  • So many things running through her mind. This was incredible. Even if only a few would buy the book, it still would be awesome. It was more than she could ever wish for.
  • Later that day, Sofia and her sister come home from school. Elizabeth going straight to Sofia and telling her.
  • “Mom, I already knew. Me and Mrs. Trent have been working on this for a while. She loves the book. We just had to get her friend Joann on board. And once she took the time to read it, she was. If you want, I will be there on Tuesday with you. We figured it would be better to do it at school. That way you didn’t have to be on edge. No one is there to stop you from being you there.” Sofia admits.
  • “Thank you. I still can’t believe this is happening. I am so lost for words. It was just something I did for fun because I was bored.” Elizabeth states.
  • “I am glad you did. It turned out to be really good.” Sofia responds.