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Chapter 7 Why did you do that?

  • “Ma’am Adele!”
  • They surrounded me, and others were still panting as if they’d been doing this for a long. Someone older approached me. Her eyebrow arched. She was dressed differently, like Esther and the other maids, although she was dressed in the same hue. She moved in front of me, and the servants stood aside to allow her to pass.
  • “Where have you been?” She was smacking a tiny stick in her hand. Her glasses were smudged, and her hair was knotted. Some of her hair has already turned white. In the novel, she is like the man’s mother and the antagonist.
  • “Here.” I pointed to the door behind me. That opened and Estella came out. She bowed and waved at the old woman. The old woman’s expression changed quickly. If before she was scary, now it has softened, and she smiled. She messed up Estella’s hair. She communicates with Estella using sign language, we just watch them. When she noticed we were looking at them, the old expression returned and she looked at me.
  • She hem. “Do you know how long we’ve been looking for you?” She walked slowly around me. She looked at my body and face as if examining me. “Señorito Hugo has been looking for you for a while. He said you suddenly disappeared last night, so madam quickly searched for you.”
  • I looked at her, confused. What suddenly disappeared she talking about? Isn’t Hugo’s fault why I came out? He’ll turn me around just so his mother won’t chide him! If he only knew his mom knew we were pretending!
  • “Where’s Hugo?” The annoyance was already evident in my voice. I just woke up, and it immediately opened up to me? If I just didn’t need the money, I might have turned down his offer yesterday. “He’s in the kitchen eating,” she replied. I passed to them immediately. I could still hear her talking, but I continued. Before I could finally get down, I even heard them call the old woman “Mrs. Dola.” She might be the head maid here.
  • When I went downstairs and entered the kitchen, I saw the arrogant man eating delicious food with a newspaper in front of him. Looks like we can’t get along because of this guy’s habit! Besides being arrogant! Still a liar!
  • “What are you saying I suddenly left last night? Aren’t you the reason I did that?!” I fired. He kept on chewing and ignored me. Annoyed, I knocked on the table. “I don’t know where you stuff all the ugliness of habit into your body!” I feel like my face is heated with anger.
  • “Still consider that a sudden disappearance.” he lowered the knife and fork. He sipped his coffee and looked up at me.
  • “Ha! Do you hear what you’re saying?”
  • “Clear without buffering.” He even gave his voice a tone and grinned.
  • I’m running out of things to say to this man. I didn’t know that he would get worse. Even though my voice would go, my tongue would hang out. His habit still doesn’t change.
  • “You have such a nasty habit!” I roared. He just laughed. As we were fighting in the kitchen, someone suddenly entered. Mommy Helena!
  • “What’s going on here? I’ve heard the shouting outside. What’s the matter?” She looked at me, “Dola told me you slept in Esther’s room.”
  • There was no trace of anger or anything on mommy Helena’s face. Just pure curiosity. I remember what she said about ‘Don’t tire of his son even if I can’t understand him sometimes.’ There was an evil that entered my brain.
  • I grabbed mommy Helena’s arm, clutched it, and showed a miserable expression. I have a take advantage because I know mommy Helena already knows our pretending. Sorry, Hugo! I’m still in advance with you!
  • “Mom, the helpers told me that Hugo told you I left suddenly last night.” I bowed my head to make it even more believable. “That’s not true. I slept in Esther’s room because he threw me out. I helped him remove the puked in his body, but he got mad. I don’t know why he did that to me.”
  • Do you want to pick a fight with me?! Now, we’re going to annoy each other. You thought I’m going to lose?! NO! NEVER!
  • “SON!” Mommy Helena’s eyes widened. I stuck out my tongue and show it to Hugo to annoy him even harder, “WHY DID YOU DO THAT?” More.
  • “Mom, what? NO!” Why would I do that to my FIANCEE, right? He glared at me. It was as if he was going to stab me with the blade of his gaze. You don’t want to lose, eh? I’ll make sure I’m the winner of this round. For lucky, because I think we still have a lot of rounds to go through.