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Chapter 8 Lower your voice

  • What I thought when I realized my life was going to be tough. With all that had transpired, I had given up hope that my sleep would ever return to normal. I never imagined the day would come when I wouldn’t need sleeping drugs to have a good night’s sleep. I was no longer visited by the hands that had been holding me at the time of the tragedy. Aunt Jes and Mary could help me, but it was Andrius who truly comforted me.
  • He would stand by me every night when I couldn’t sleep, saying that no one could hurt me. Every day, he reminds me I am not alone. I’m used to him caressing my hair. Until I realized I was getting back to normal. In my dream, the vision of my parents pleading for help has vanished. However...
  • “Ahhh... S-slower Andrius... Hmm,” the voice moaned. Every midnight, I heard the groans of the ladies he brought here. He assumed I was sleeping off and couldn’t hear them.
  • I put the white headset he had given me to my ear. That’s what I assumed it was for, that’s what it was for. I was just in the other room and could hear Andrius’ king-size bed shaking, even though I didn’t want to hear the groans. I took the phone he gave me and connected the Wi-Fi. I used the search box to look for a website that adults frequently used to watch sexual content.
  • I removed both the shirt and the panties from my body. I stroked my body before resting my left hand on my full breasts and watching the video of the woman with the cock in her mouth on my phone. I took my hand out of my chest and placed it in my mouth. I make it wet and placed it in my private part to massage. It was as if volt-volt electricity had invaded my body just by holding it there while visualizing Andrius’ face. Because I was already toying with my erect nipple, I let go of the phone.
  • “Uh ... Ngh.”
  • I think the woman in Andrius’ room and the woman in the video I’m watching are both moaning. I’m unable to relax my feet. I’m undecided about raising or lowering it. I instantly felt the sticky liquid as I slipped one of my fingers inside the hole. In and out, it feels like I’m tickling it. I close my eyes and visualize it as Andrius’ cock. Because I turned the lights off. I know no one can see me.
  • I don’t know how long I kept doing that till I had to stop because the door was knocking. No. Did they hear what I am doing? I double-checked that my voice was only quiet. I put on my undies and white shirt right away. Because I knew only Mary or Aunt Julia could knock, my breast and nipple were quite clear there, and I didn’t care to change.
  • I saw Andrius as I opened the door. He wasn’t wearing a shirt since his abs were dripping wet. He simply leaped. He continued to knock. He doesn’t do things like this very often. I switched on my light since I couldn’t see him well. I noticed him looking at my chest, but all I could think about was what he was going to say. As he swallowed, his Adam’s apple showed. I was still expecting him to say anything, but he didn’t.
  • The thing moved in the center of his pants, which I noticed. You can see that it swells up as if his zipper is going to break because it’s hidden by his jeans. I was about to point it out to him when he abruptly turned around, but before he could walk away, he spoke out.
  • “Lower your voice.”
  • I slammed the door shut because of what he said. I suddenly hugged myself in extreme embarrassment. I don’t know how I will deal with him tomorrow. How did he hear? I lowered my voice.
  • That night I could not sleep. I don’t know what time drowsiness visited me ...
  • I just woke up with Andrius laying on top of me while licking my neck. He suddenly grabbed my healthy breasts, then tore the shirt I was wearing. He played with my nipple with his tongue.
  • “Haa.”
  • I could not catch my breath because of what he was doing. When he left my body, I suddenly regretted it but I was surprised when he suddenly tore my panty then place his face there.
  • He stuck out his tongue while smiling. He hasn’t done anything yet, but I immediately felt the water in my vagina opening.
  • When he is about to insert his tongue...
  • Suddenly the alarm clock rang, and I woke up. I looked left and right to look for him, but there was no Andrius in the room. I looked at my panty and saw it was wet.
  • “Ah. Wet dreams.” That’s all I whispered in the air. I didn’t know if it would disappoint me that it was just a dream or be ashamed of myself because I was fantasizing about the man who did nothing but help me.
  • Because I didn’t want to go out wearing just like this, I took a shower early. When I came down, there were no people, but I could hear someone downstairs.
  • When I reached the living room, it was as they had poured cold water on me. The men who tried to rape me were sitting in the living room while they were with the woman who had come here to the house before.
  • She is what Mary calls Maxine. I was about to run upstairs but—
  • The man with the rotten tooth pulled me back with a rope.