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Chapter 6 Phone

  • As a gorgeous woman’s voice sang, the sunshine touched my eyes. She was dancing and shaking something. She sings and dances along to the song playing on the little speaker. I arose from my sleep, my eyes fixed on her. Because she was too preoccupied with shaking the curtain that she was about to change. She late discovered that I am already awake.
  • I was going to lift my hand when it hit the tray on the side table. As a result, she stopped dancing, turn to me, and flashed me a bright smile. She gets the chair at the table next to the cabinet. She walked up there and took down the blue curtain. She’d change it to a mustard color. She was chatting with me as she turned around.
  • “How are you, Miss Caroline?” I’m sorry for waking you up with my loudness. That’s what my mother told me: we should get up early so that our muscles and brain cells can function!" Because she had already connected part of the curtain, the sunshine was gradually fading.
  • I grinned even though she couldn’t see me since she had turned her back. “Don’t worry, my mother used to get me up early so I wouldn’t be late for work, so I agree with you.” My grin darkened as I fiddled with my fingers. I had a flashback to my mom.
  • She pulled something from her maid outfit’s pocket as she sat down on the chair. A shapely phone. It’s so thin that it’s frightening to touch since it appears that every time it falls will be damaged. That was extremely different from my previous phone, which had a keypad. Then I understood that Andrius’ world was vastly different from mine. I also looked around and noticed that it was packed with antiques. Simple, but oh-so-elegant. I kept questioning if it was truly okay for me to sleep here.
  • She handed it to me. I just stared at it as if afraid to take it because I could break it. When I didn’t take the phone, she pulled my hand and put it there. “Sir Andrius tells you to call him if you need anything.” She took the chair she had stepped on earlier and sat down in front of me. “You know Miss Caroline? You are lucky.” She looked down in front of me and seemed to be imagining. “During my time here, sir Andrius has never brought or settled anyone here. Ma’am Maxine is the one who comes here on purpose just to look for a woman even though sir Andrius isn’t bringing anyone.”
  • My smile suddenly became awkward. I do not know what to say. I don’t know about Andrius, we just met, so I don’t know what to say, especially since she mentioned the name of the woman who caused the scandal the other day.
  • When I could not answer, she spoke again. I don’t know if she read the situation or if she just really spoke her tongue. “Sir Andrius also told me not to leave if ever you want someone to talk to. The doctor’s advice is that you should always have someone to talk to. I don’t want to take you out, maybe ... you still don’t want to and you’re still scared. ”
  • At that moment, her words slowed down a bit. She seems to be favored as well because I don’t speak. “Thank you, Mary. I’ll just tell you when I want to go out. Right now I want to be in the room first and if I don’t bother you, join me and you can tell me stories if you want. I will listen.”
  • Suddenly, her eyes lit up. Maybe this is the definition of being happy? Is that kind of superficial and baseless. As long as you find it helpful, you can be happy. You are happy too. I wish I had just had a life like Mary’s.
  • “Do you have a phone? Use that so you don’t get bored.” Now I take the tray of food that is on the bedside table. “Have you eaten?” I dipped the hotdog in ketchup then ate it.
  • “We are not allowed to use the phone when we work, Miss Caroline. And one more thing, I’m done eating as well. Thank you for your offer. If it’s okay with you, can I turn on the TV? So the surroundings would not be heavy. It will be better for you if you are not in the dark so that you can recover quickly.”
  • I agreed to turn on the TV. Fortunately, there is a TV in the room. She also opened the window. The sun had gone out now, but the sky was clear. It would have been nice to take a walk outside during such beautiful weather. However, I was afraid that those men might take me again.
  • In the middle of my thought, the phone Mary had given me suddenly rang. We both looked at it and I was amazed at how formal the name of the caller was.
  • Mr. Easton.
  • When I answered the call, I immediately heard the noise in his background. It was the voice of the men. No one spoke to us on the other line, but I heard the voice in his background.
  • “Forgive us, Mr. Easton. We just follow Miss— AHh!” the man moaned painfully. I don’t know what happened to him, but there was a voice crying again.
  • Those voices were muscular ... My eyes widened as I realized who they were. I can’t go wrong with those voices.
  • “Then who ordered you?” It was no longer Andrius’ voice. That voice of one of the guards.
  • As their cries grew louder, Mary suddenly touched me as my head suddenly began to spin. I felt dizzy as I remembered what those men had done to me. I can not breathe.
  • “Miss—” The man couldn’t continue what he was going to say.
  • “OH! FUCK!” Andrius said curse before the call died down.
  • I think he called me by accident because he was the first person to take those men away from me.